Meeting: Ferdinand Town Council

The Ferdinand Town Council met Tuesday and:

• Held a special meeting to review the employee handbook.

• Elected officers for 2020. Officers are: Ken Sicard, president; and Debbie Johnson, vice president.

• Heard that the fire department purchased battery extrication tools. They are the first department in the county to get those tools. Other extrication tools are hydraulic.

• Heard that the street department has been cleaning tree limbs out of the yard waste lot. Staff also cleaned out storm drains ahead of the rain last week and cleaned up overhanging limbs and invasive underbrush at 18th Street Park.

• Heard that there was a water main leak by Ferdinand Elementary at Eighth and Delaware street. There have also been some sewer issues by the new Trilogy Health Services location, Scenic Hills at the Monastery. The issues are solvable, and the cost of solving the problems will be forwarded to Trilogy. So far, the costs are about $8,000.

• Heard that there have been issues with semis overrunning the dead end on Southview Drive. The plan is to get a rotating light to put on the concrete blocks at the end of the road.

• Approved city employees to attend an 811 pipeline response training at the Huntingburg Event Center in February.

• Approved water and wastewater department staff to attend the annual Water and Wastewater Equipment Treatment and Transport Show in Indianapolis.

• Heard that the parks department held a meeting with the organizers of the Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival to recap the 2019 event and begin planning the 2020 event.

• Heard that the February park board meeting has been moved to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12.

• Appointed Jill Schipp to the park board.

• Heard that the Ferdinand Chamber of Commerce has dissolved to make way for the Dubois County Chamber of Commerce. Ferdinand-specific funds left were transferred to the Ferdinand Merchants Association, who will organize Ferdinand-specific events.

• Heard that the Ferdinand Folk Festival board is looking for new members. Those interested can contact Chris James at 812-367-2280.

• Heard that the Old Town Lake project is on track and will wrap up this year. Park Board President Matt Weyer said the board is hoping for a spring opening, but that’s not for sure.

• Approved an agreement with Universal Design for $3,000 to work with the town on the application for the Indiana Department of Transportation Community Crossings grant that helps local governments fund road maintenance projects. Should the town receive the grant, design work for the street projects is quoted at $7,000 with Universal Design.

• Approved a conflict of interest statement from Councilman Ron Weyer because his company, Weyer Electric, occasionally does work for the town.

• Approved a contract for service with the Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission for updates to the town’s code books and zone maps.

• Approved contracts with Ferdinand Township for city park and fire services in 2020. The township pays the town for use of the services.

• Approved about $678 in utility bill adjustments that were paid to customers in 2019.

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