Meeting: Ferdinand Plan Commission

The Ferdinand Plan Commission met Wednesday and:

• Was updated on several stormwater drainage issues throughout the town. The commission plans to discuss what can be done to remedy the issues and amendments to the town’s stormwater drainage ordinance at the January meeting, set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23, at town hall, 2065 Main St.

• Approved a variance from the town’s stormwater drainage ordinance for Webb Wheel, located at 50 Scenic Industrial Dr. The business wants to build a gravel parking lot on the building’s south side for employee parking. The variance allows the business to refrain from paving the gravel area for 36 months after the project is completed. Neighbors of the business remonstrated, citing stormwater drainage issues in the area as the reason they didn’t support the variance. The demonstrators wanted to see the area paved. Plan Commission members pointed out that paving the area would not help the drainage issues, and representatives of Webb Wheel pointed out that the project includes building a retention pond that will hold the drainage from the new parking area, as well as some of the drainage from the existing facility.

• Heard that the Dorothy Helming Trust, which covers land behind the Dollar General, received a variance from the town’s platting ordinance in accordance with acceptable exemptions mentioned in the ordinance. The split allows the trust to split the lot holding the house off from the larger area to sell the house. The variance would have come up at the November meeting, but the meeting was canceled. To ensure that the sale of the house could go through, the town granted the variance in accordance with the ordinance.

• Heard that the permit applications and builders packet need to be updated.

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