Meeting: Ferdinand Plan

The Ferdinand Plan Commission met Wednesday and:

”¢ Learned that Town Attorney Sharon Bohnenkemper wrote a letter to 10 people who were upset that a duplex is being built on Sixth Street, an area that consists mostly of single-family homes. Those who live in that neighborhood questioned whether the building permit should have been approved. In a letter to the commission, they argued that a duplex would decrease property values and cause traffic and parking problems, among other concerns. In her response, Bohnenkemper said the developer, Randy Begle, complied with town codes in his permit application, which was approved in May. Those who raised concerns were invited to attend Wednesday’s meeting, but none of the 10 showed up. Begle plans to build three more duplexes on that block, which borders Sixth, Fifth and Delaware streets. The permit for the second duplex is pending.

Ӣ Reviewed and revised the wording of proposed demolition regulations, including whether contractors and private residents doing demolition should have the same restrictions. The commission is expected to approve the regulations next month.

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