Meeting: Ferdinand Council

The Ferdinand Town Council met Tuesday and:

”¢ Heard from Town Attorney Bill Shaneyfelt that the town has fewer than 50 full-time-equivalent employees, which means the town’s requirements through the Affordable Health Care Act that will go into effect in 2014 will be lessened. But because of fees insurance companies will be charged that eventually will be passed down the line, Shaneyfelt encouraged the town to begin looking into its health insurance options now, including the possibility of becoming self-insured.

Ӣ Discussed possibly changing electric providers and refinancing old sewer bonds before conducting a rate study. A story can be found here.

Ӣ Set a meeting for 7 p.m. Tuesday at Town Hall, 2065 Main St., to sell the former police station on Fifth Street. The town has received four bids so far, the highest being for $57,400. The bidding will remain open until the meeting, at which the council plans to accept a bid.

”¢ Heard from Property and Street Superintendent Tom Lueken that the town is working to wrap up its inventorying process for its Americans with Disabilities Act compliance plan. The town has been mapping sidewalk ramps and intersections using GPS that will be entered into the town’s geospatial information system maps.

Ӣ Heard from Utilities Superintendent Henry Haake that the new town lake has been closed and the level is being lowered for the installation a new boat ramp. The dam and spillway are also being improved.

Ӣ Heard from Police Chief Ted Bieker that following a recent incident, the department has been working with the Sisters of St. Benedict on procedures to take at the monastery in case of an intruder.

Ӣ Heard Fire Chief Dan Lindauer remind residents that burning is prohibited within town limits without appropriate permissions granted and that township residents should warn the department of any planned burns to avoid unnecessary fire runs.

Ӣ Heard Lueken remind residents that grass clippings should not be blown onto sidewalks and streets.

Ӣ Accepted a $33,900 quote from Greenfield-based Leary Construction for painting the water tower. It will be painted white and have the new town logo. The quote comes with a three-year warranty on the work.

”¢ Approved amending the town’s salary ordinance to include the new part-time journeyman lineman, effective March 22. The new employee is paid $20 per hour with an increase of 50 cents when he obtains a commercial driver’s license. He also will receive $56 per week that he is on call.

Ӣ Approved signing a pole-attachment agreement with New Alliance Broadband once a check is received. The town will charge the company annual fees of $9 per pole for the first year and $10 per pole in subsequent years.

”¢ Approved Shaneyfelt’s request to seek a pole-attachment agreement with Frontier Communications. Since the town has utility infrastructure on 71 of the company’s poles, it had operated under an arrangement to allow Frontier to attach infrastructure to town poles without charge. A pole count revealed Frontier has equipment on 250 of the town’s poles.

”¢ Approved participating in the Ferdinand Historical Society’s fundraiser to create a deck of cards featuring historical Ferdinand. The town will sponsor the Ace of Hearts for $250. Sponsors choose the photo and information to be used on the back of the cards. The society also will put together a history book for the town’s 175th anniversary in 2015.

Ӣ Heard from Council President Ken Sicard that the annual Chainsaw Carving Festival will not be happening in Ferdinand this year because of a change in leadership for the private group that organizes it.

Heard from Town Manager Marc Steczyk that the town has received all necessary permit application forms from the Indiana Department of Transportation to construct a new north-side sign. The metal “Welcome to Ferdinand” signs designed by schoolchildren have been turned into a digital design and are also underway.

Approved a request from Kevin Manley of DC Multisport for the Ferdinand Folk Festival Fondo, a recreational cycling event planned for Sept. 21 and 22, to use Convent Road; St. Benedict Drive; 10th, Vienna, 14th, Virginia, Third, Fifth, Carolina and Michigan streets; and Ferdinand Road East.

Heard Steczyk thank the Dubois Rural Electric Cooperative for a $2,000 grant in support of the Ferdinand Folk Festival.

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