Meeting: Dubois County Council

The Dubois County Council met Monday and:

• Praised Council President Jerry Hunefeld for his service to the county. Hunefeld announced that he will retire from his position on the council, effective at the end of the year.

• Agreed to convert the open environmental specialist position at the health department to a clerical position; a second environmental specialist position is already filled. Health Department Administrative Director Shawn Werner is planning to have a special meeting with the Dubois County Board of Health via phone at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to get the board’s approval on the change. The number to call in to the meeting is 712-775-7031 and the access code is 781271#.

• Approved the resolution and agreement for loaning the Dubois County Airport Authority up to $1.5 million, and appropriated the money from the local income tax economic development fund.

• Passed an ordinance to have the state collect the county’s innkeeper tax and send the revenue to the county.

• Appropriated $300,000 from the rainy day fund to cover various COVID-19-related expenses that were previously approved, such as an awning for future outdoor clinics at the health department and a vehicle for the emergency management department. The council also appropriated from the cumulative capital fund $58,000 for computers for the probation department and computer licenses, and $3,500 to purchase a new security computer to replace the one that crashed and is no longer usable.

• Approved using $14,928 from the rainy day fund to cover the cost of things the health department was planning to pay for with a state technology grant, including the costs to convert paper immunization files to electronic files, scanners to be used at the health department and a GIS editing license for the department’s new environmental specialist. State officials said weeks ago that health departments were going to receive a $113,000 technology grant; but Werner learned last week that the state decided to not provide the grant. However, items have already been ordered, and the department already has some invoices to pay, Werner explained.

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