Meeting: Dubois County Council

The Dubois County Council met Monday and:

• Changed the wage for the attendant at the Ferdinand recycling site from $12.07 to $12.34 per hour; the change will cost an additional $168 this year. Because the site has so much traffic and stays busy, Highway Superintendent Steve Berg said it should be considered a large site, like the ones at Ireland, Huntingburg and Jasper. The other sites don’t have the same amount of activity, and are considered small sites, so those attendants earn the lower wage.

• Approved spending $100,000 for a new server, which runs 24 hours a day and stores important documents for the county, and computers to replace outdated ones.

• Consented to allocating grant money the Dubois County Community Corrections Department has received from the state to hire a pretrial services officer and amended the salary ordinance to include the position. The $87,000 grant will be used for the position; there is also $25,000 for defense counsel funding. The Dubois County Commissioners are meeting this morning to consider adding the new position.

• Approved providing the $27,000 needed to replace the emergency siren in the Holland area. The old one is broken and would take $15,000 to fix, and there would be no warranty, Emergency Management Director Tammy Humbert said. The new siren would have a five-year warranty. Humbert encouraged people in the Holland area to use their weather radios in the meantime, as it will take about two months to get the new siren installed.

• Heard from Humbert that her office is working to get funding from the CARES Act to cover the money that has been spent in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. If for some reason an expense is not approved to be covered, the department will apply for FEMA funding.

• Appropriated $30,000 from the rainy day fund to cover personnel costs in relation to handling the COVID-19 pandemic, $27,000 from the St. Charles Annex maintenance fund to purchase and install a new generator for the 911 department and $15,000 from the cumulative capital fund to build a shed around the generator, and $2,250 to purchase a printer/scanner/copier machine for the human resources office.

• Reappointed Mary Jeanne Schumacher and Melissa Boeglin to the Huntingburg Library Board.

• Heard Councilwoman Becky Beckman thank Holland for its efforts to get residents to fill out the Census. Holland Town Council President Tom Thacker, who attended the county council meeting, said he and others have been calling neighbors to encourage them to fill out the short form. Beckman heads the county’s 2020 Census committee.

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