Meeting: Dubois County Council

The Dubois County Council met Monday and:

• Appropriated $1.355 million for the environmental impact study that is being done for the Mid-States Corridor project.

• Appropriated $130,000 for the ambulance department. The money will be used to help pay for and equip a new ambulance, to replace the one that was totaled in December, and to lease an ambulance until the new one is ready. Insurance provided $167,000 for the totaled ambulance, which will be used on the new ambulance that costs $225,000.

• Consented to advertise $120,000 to fix a big crack in the pier of the Veterans Memorial Bridge. The bridge is not in danger, County Engineer Brent Wendholt said, but he wants to fix the pier before it gets worse.

• Consented to advertising a $19,000 appropriation to update the phone system in the courthouse and the county highway department.

• Created a Comfort Zone Fund for the Court-Appointed Special Advocates department to put money into. CASA has received grant funding to create a “comfort zone” area for children who have been removed from a home and are waiting for emergency placement. The carport at the CASA office will be enclosed and furnished with things that the children and volunteer helpers can use while the case worker is in another room looking for a placement home.

• Signed a resolution to refinance the bond taken out in 2008 for the Dubois County Contractual Library. This will allow updates to be done to the Ferdinand Branch Library, for which the original bond was used to construct. The refinancing will not increase taxes, librarian Christine Golden said; taxes will likely decrease slightly, she said. The updates include splitting the computer room to make part of it a community meeting room and adding additional meeting room space, which is in demand in the community, Golden explained.

• Heard a request from local school districts asking for the county to reimburse them for the money they spend to install school bus stop-arm cameras on buses. Council members said they will consider the request. In the meantime, they asked the school district superintendents to also approach township officials to get funding help.

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