Meeting: Dubois County Council

The Dubois County Council met Monday and:

• Appropriated $20,000 to Dubois Superior Court’s pauper counsel fund.

• Consented to advertise for money to fund a new 911 dispatcher position for the second half of this year. The board will consider the appropriation, which will be a little more than $20,000, at its June 24 meeting.

• Appropriated for the county highway department $1 million for upcoming paving projects, $420,000 for the department’s other services fund, $165,000 for tools and stone and $80,000 for bituminous materials.

• Consented to advertising from the county’s Local Income Tax fund $100,000 to repair St. Anthony Road West south of the road’s intersection with County Road 350 South, where the road and hill has slid, damaging the road. The work calls for removing the damaged fill under the road, refilling it with sand, adding pipe and covering with stone; it will be paved next year, County Engineer Brent Wendholt explained. If the funding is approved, work would start in July, Wendholt said. The area is still closed to traffic.

• Directed county department heads to include in their proposed 2020 budgets a 2.5% pay raise for employees. Each department submits its budget request to the council, which reviews all proposals in August.

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