Meeting: Dubois County Council

The Dubois County Council met Monday and:

• Approved using $1,268,876.31 for road projects under the Community Crossings grant program; of that, $938,876.31 will come from the state grant that was awarded to the county in March.

• Appropriated $150,000 that will pay for the ongoing work needed to update the Dubois County Security Center and the county’s criminal justice system; $100,000 was appropriated previously. The money will be used to pay for consultants involved in the work, including $15,000 for the study to determine what improvements must be made, $120,000 for bond counsel, $80,000 for financial advisors and $15,000 for a property owner representative.

• Appropriated $150,000 for the highway department to replace a shed that holds signs and equipment for District 1.

• Appropriated $51,000 to repair the elevator on the north end of the Dubois County Courthouse, which is used by employees.

• Designated $50,000 of the Dubois County Community Corrections’ project income to be used for electronic-monitoring bracelets. The department switched to the new monitoring bracelets because they have GPS capabilities, which allow staff to better track offenders who are required to use the bracelets, Community Corrections Director Megan Durlauf said.

• Appropriated $12,000 to chip and seal a portion of County Road 800 West; $5,000 for the community corrections’ maintenance fund; $4,000 for outdoor lights at the 911 Center; and $1,000 for equipment for the county’s sex offender registry.

• Agreed to advertise a $1,983 appropriation to add to the salary of a third deputy in the Dubois County Clerk’s Office.

• Appointed Rachel Steckler to the Dubois County Tourism Board. She will replace Mitch Clark, who resigned because he is moving out of the county. Steckler will complete Clark’s term, which ends in December.

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