Meeting: Dubois County Contractual Library

The Dubois County Contractual Library Board met Thursday and:

• Approved a resolution to appoint Business Manager Angie Schitter to be the library’s registrar and paying agent for the bond the library took out to refinance the 2008 construction bond that paid to build the Ferdinand library. She will be the contact person for Springs Valley Bank and Trust.

• Heard that the bond sale for the refinancing went well and has an interest rate of about 2%. The next steps will be reviewing construction documents for the remodel at the Ferdinand branch that will be paid for through savings from the refinancing.

• Heard that usage of the library’s databases, e-services and video-streaming services have increased during the closures.

• Heard an update on the phased reopening of the libraries. The libraries are currently operating via curbside pickup of items and document services, such as printing and faxing, and by appointment for computer usage at a single station that is sanitized after each usage. Patrons are also asked to wear a mask while using the computer.

• Heard that the library will extend its hours to 7 p.m. next week and add a couple staff members at each location. So far, running the curbside pickup has taken all the staff’s time, and adding employees will free up time to catalogue new materials and work on programming.

• Heard that summer reading in some form will begin on June 1 and run through July.

• Discussed plans for reopening to the public. When that happens, the library experience will be much more transactional rather than relational for a while and will include social distancing. The goal is to reopen June 15 with social distancing practices, such as limiting the number of people allowed in the building and encouraging short visits. Discussions about the details of reopening are ongoing.

• Heard that the library will launch its new website Monday morning.

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