Meeting: Dubois County Commissioners

The Dubois County Commissioners met Tuesday and:

• Rejected a bid for improvements at Dubois County Park. The project, which will include 14 RV campsites, trail improvements, a restroom building/information center and a paved parking lot near the restroom building, received only one bid late last month, which was twice as much as expected and two times more than what the park board has available.

• Heard that there will be a weed board meeting at 9 a.m. on July 21 in the Dubois County Highway Department garage's conference room.

• Heard a proposed budget for the county highway department and supported moving the budget along to the Dubois County Council.

• Heard a proposed budget from EMS Director Ryan Young.

• Approved creating a Coordinator Assistant position within the EMS department.

• Heard a presentation from An Island LLC about the cloud platform and managed IT services the company offers.

• Heard a presentation from GovOS about the online services the company offers.

• Declared a list of items as surplus. One item on the list — 15 wooden chairs at the health department — was not declared as surplus. The commissioners will ask the department to store the chairs in case the county needs them in the future.

• Signed a covered bridge certification document. Dubois County doesn't have any covered bridges.

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