Meeting: Dubois County Commissioners

The Dubois County Commissioners met Monday and:

• Reviewed the proposed fire prevention ordinance with Emergency Management Agency Director Tammy Humbert and fire chiefs. Celestine Fire Chief Ryan Wineinger said that it also has to be reviewed and approved by the Indiana Fire Prevention & Building Safety Commission. While the standards are in state code, a local ordinance is needed to enforce the rules listed in the ordinance, he said.

• Hired LAN to work on Veterans Memorial Bridge on Newton Street for $81,770.

• Heard an update from Highway Supervisor Steve Berg on work being done at the Ferdinand recycling site. The gates and concrete pad have been installed. The compactor is supposed to be installed today, weather permitting.

• Learned that Dubois County’s census response rate is at 77.2%. The county ranks No. 1 in the state and is tied for No. 17 in the United States.

• Heard that they must work on their 2021 budget in late June or early July.

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