Meeting: Dubois County Commissioners

The Dubois County Commissioners met Monday and:

• Approved sending a letter to Solar Sources to demand that they take care of road problems on and near County Road 750 West that have been caused by the ongoing mining work. A section of the road is closed to traffic because of a hole that has formed on the side of the road; also mud and debris is being tracked through intersections with county roads 580 North and 450 North, which residents use to get to and from their homes. County Highway Supervisor Steve Berg said he cannot consent to the company using any other county roads for future mining until those current problems are taken care of.

• Heard from Commissioner Elmer Brames that the county and cities were awarded the Healthy Communities grant they applied for to study having a trail that connects the area high schools. The money will be used to hire a consultant that will develop a master plan for trails.

• Heard that cracks have formed on Hillham Road South just south of State Road 56. A Briefly is on Page 4.

• Said they were leaning to getting rid of the sick bank benefit that employees can contribute to, mainly because so few people use it. They will take an official vote at their March 16 meeting, to give employees time to talk to the commissioners about the matter.

• Purchased a mini excavator from Rudd Equipment for $90,781.

• Wrote off $46,326.63 in unpaid accounts of former community corrections participants who are now deceased, to remove the unpaid bills from the department’s books.

• Approved the local elected officials agreement with Workforce Development, something that is done every two years; with the agreement the commissioners approved keeping Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner as the county’s chief, local elected official; he will serve on the local workforce development board, representing the interests of local officials. The City of Jasper and City of Huntingburg are also to approve the agreement.

• Consented to County Engineer Brent Wendholt’s request to start the hiring process for two summer interns.

• Approved requests to use Dubois County Courthouse property. The east side of the courthouse will be used for the annual National Day of Prayer service, which will be at 6:30 p.m. May 7; the commissioners also declared that day as National Day of Prayer in the county. The county veterans council will use the west side of the courthouse for its annual Memorial Day service, which will be held from 9 a.m. to noon May 23.

• Approved placing a pinwheel garden in the grass at the courthouse for a week in April; each pinwheel will represent a child in the county’s Court-Appointed Special Advocates program. They also approved placing at the courthouse and health department signs seeking more CASA volunteers during the month of April, which is Child Abuse Awareness Month.

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