Meeting: Dubois County Commissioners

The Dubois County Commissioners met Monday and:

• Interviewed three companies interested in conducting a feasibility study about the current security center. RQAW Corporation of Fishers, DLZ of Indianapolis and Elevatus Architecture of Fort Wayne were selected to be interviewed from the multiple proposals the commissioners received. A state law that went into effect this year requires that the study be done before any new construction or remodeling to the facility.

• Hired Keusch Glass of Jasper and Fischer Electric of Schnellville to install automatic doors at the Dubois County Health Department’s main door and at the Dubois County Courthouse’s handicap-accessible door, which is on the basement floor on the west side of the courthouse. The funds for the courthouse’s door, $3,500 from Keusch and $590 from Fischer, will come from the county custodian’s budget. An additional appropriation is needed to cover the cost for the health department’s door: $3,500 from Keusch and $690 from Fischer; that will be requested from the Dubois County Council.

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