Meeting: Dubois County Commissioners

The Dubois County Commissioners met Monday and:

• Told the health department to get bids from companies to clean up the property and remove the structures at 571 E. 300N, Jasper. After hearing from the health department about the massive vegetation, trash and debris that has collected on the site, as well as seeing photos of the sites, the commissioners determined on July 2 that the property was a health hazard. They gave property owner Julie Greener 60 days after the June 19 order that she received from the health department to comply with the order to clean up the site. At Monday’s meeting, Greener requested an additional two years to clean up and remove the valuables from the property. The commissioners said that would not be possible, since there have been problems with the property since 2008. The commissioners said work would not start on the property for 45 days, to give Greener time to remove her valuables. The cost of the cleanup will be charged to the owner or become a bill attached to the property.

• Decided to add an additional deputy to the sheriff’s department, and officially approved the additional deputy position to serve as a school resource officer at Northeast Dubois Schools. A story is on Page One.

• Directed the highway department to place school bus signs at three locations in the county. A “School Bus Stop Ahead” sign will be installed near 1488 N. Shiloh Road and at 10083 S. Ferdinand Road Northwest. A “School Bus Turn Around” sign will be installed near 4576 S. Patoka Road.

• Approved the letters requesting Community Crossings funding for projects the county plans to do. The projects are: Industrial Park Road in partnership with Ferdinand, for $358,060; County Road 1025 East from state roads 64 to 162, for $305,445; and County Road 550 South from State Road 162 to Club Road, for $312,787. The county will also submit a funding request to install a sign that lights up on County Road 100 South and on County Road 600 West near the roads’ intersection, where drivers have limited sight distance. The signs will constantly blink when vehicles are approaching the intersection.

• Heard the overall results of an employee satisfaction survey given to county employees.

• Appointed as the subdivision review committee County Surveyor Kenny Brosmer, County Engineer Brent Wendholt and Chris Hopf, the deputy in the auditor’s office who handles plats.

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