Meeting: Dubois County Airport Authority

The Dubois County Airport Authority met Monday via videoconferencing and:

• Heard from Airport Manager Travis McQueen that the traffic at the airport has dropped substantially. “It’s like someone turned off the switch in the sky,” he said. “Everyone has stopped flying.” The price of fuel the airport purchases to sell to customers refueling planes has also dropped, he said.

• Learned from Curtis Brown of Woolpert Inc. that there will be funding available to the airport through the CARES Act, which is geared to giving people and entities some financial relief because of COVID-19. Because of the act, the airport no longer has to provide the $221,500 match to its 2020 federal grant for the runway expansion. That money can be used for other expenses at the airport, Brown told the board. Also, when the application is ready, Woolpert will apply for $65,000 in funding that will be available through the act; the airport will be able to use the money for expenses, Brown said.

• Transferred $225,000 from its aviation fuel rotary fund to its general fund.

• Heard that part of the tunnel for the airport’s runway extension project has been installed. The rest is scheduled to be installed in mid-May, Brown said.

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