Meeting: Contractual Library Board

The Dubois County Contractual Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Elected officers for 2019. The officers are: Kathy Tretter, president; Tamara Kiefer, vice president; Steve Scott, secretary; and Phil Tolbert treasurer.

• Held the annual board of finance meeting to discuss the library’s investments. They are doing well and earning returns. The Jasper Public Library Board did the same.

• Heard that the library system set up a grant committee to find and apply for grants. They have also received a few grants recently for various training programs.

• Heard that the MyHeritage database has gotten good reviews since it launched earlier this month.

• Heard that the library is reviewing the databases it offers. Library Director Christine Golden said the library will likely drop Freegal, which offered free music downloads with a library card. With the popularity of music streaming, usage of the database has fallen by about 50 percent in the last year. Since it’s one of the most expensive databases — $6,000 annually — Golden said she can’t justify keeping it.

• Heard that the Dubois branch is interviewing several candidates for the adult programming director position since Gayle Edelen moved to the Ferdinand branch.

• Heard that 2020 will be the 10-year anniversary of the Ferdinand branch’s opening, with the 10-year anniversary for the Dubois branch coming in 2021.

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