Meeting: Birdseye Town Council

The Birdseye Town Council met Tuesday and:

• Heard a resident’s complaints about aggressive dogs running at large in her neighborhood and agreed to consult with the town attorney regarding options for resolving such problems once and for all. “We’ve had this issue before,” said President Bret Eckert. “Something needs to be done. Let us see what we can get done.”

• Planned to have Midwestern Engineers, Loogootee, design a waterline relocation. The Indiana Department of Transportation is planning a project on State Road 64 near Pine Ridge Road and INDOT says a 4-inch water main must be moved 30 to 40 feet to the north to be out of the construction right of way. The state should reimburse the town for the cost.

• Learned from Birdseye Park Board Vice President Archie McCutcheon that Smith Construction donated LED lights for the shelter house. The park board will now work to add wireless security cameras at the park.

• Voted to hire the Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission to update town code books for $1,000.

• Agreed to send a warning to a resident with an overflowing trash dumpster and to follow that with a citation if the issue is not corrected.

• Brainstormed street sections that should be included on the summer repaving list and planned to seek an estimate from a paving company.

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