Meeting: Birdseye Town Council

The Birdseye Town Council met Thursday and:

• Reorganized by electing Bret Eckert as council president and moving monthly meeting times up 30 minutes. The council will now meet at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month. Meetings are held at Town Hall, 103 W. State Road 64.

• Selected councilwoman Mary Ann Cummings as the town’s representative to the Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission and Dubois County Emergency Management Agency.

• Spent much of the meeting discussing utility matters, including a pending water rate hike that will pass on increases by the Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer District and St. Anthony Water Corp. The water rate matter was tabled until February. See story on Page 3.

• Heard an update from Dubois Strong President Ed Cole, who spoke about the economic development group’s efforts to support workforce attraction.

• Reviewed standard-operating-procedure guidelines with Town Marshal Benton Stroud. Cummings suggested any resident with a complaint about law enforcement matters should put those concerns down in writing.

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