Medication collection set for Saturday

By Herald Staff

The Dubois County Medication Collection is planned for Saturday as part of the Drug Enforcement Administration' Pharmaceutical Drug Take Back event. You can be a part of the addiction solution by bagging your expired, unused and unwanted pharmaceuticals and disposing of them at the event.

The Jasper State Police Post, located at 2209 Newton St., will host the collection from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., while the Ferdinand Fire Station, located at 221 E. Fourth St., and the Dubois Fire Station, located at 4579 N. Second St., will host the two county collection sites from 10a.m. to noon.

This event will be a drive-thru collection with RSVP volunteers collecting the medications from the participants’ vehicles, preferably the trunk, and conducting a short, anonymous survey of each participant. Residents are asked to stay in your vehicle and a volunteer will assist you. Please wear your face covering.

The Jasper Police Station located 309 E. Sixth St. also accepts pharmaceuticals year-round, 24/7 in their drop boxes.

Dubois County residents are asked to rid their homes of expired, unwanted and unused medications. Unused drugs are a common household health threat that can be lessened when you clean the old and unused medications out of your home. Don’t forget vitamins, ointments, syrups, drops, herbal products, medications that should have been kept cold but were not, and aerosols not in pressurized containers. These pharmaceuticals will be accepted at the collection sites.

There are reasons why expiration dates are stamped on medication containers. Chemical compositions and potency can change and become altered with age. Keeping expired and unused medicines in the home is not safe. Some medicine looks like candy to a child, and some may be tempting to a teen or someone with a problem.

No sharps needles/syringes, infectious materials, anything containing bodily fluids, or waste will be collected. This collection is for private citizens only. No collections will be accepted from for-profit businesses or health facilities.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office will supervise the collections at the Ferdinand and Dubois fire stations, and the Indiana State Police will supervise the Jasper Post site.

This project impacts the substance abuse and environmental stewardship of Dubois County communities. The sponsors of this Dubois County Medication Collection are the TRI-CAP RSVP, DEA, Indiana State Police, Dubois County Sheriff’s Office, Dubois County Solid Waste Management District, Dubois County Substance Abuse Council, Dubois County CARES and Dubois community fire stations.

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