Mayors' request to wait for study results is an insult

To The Editor:

The July 2 letter from Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide and Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner instructing us to "wait" for results from a study that the electorate never authorized makes their request a moot point.

Wait?  Wait for what?  To see which of us gets thrown off of our land or loses our business?  Despite what the Mayors allege, this study was not established to decide whether the Corridor would be good for the communities or not; it was specifically designed to decide which route to use!  Additionally, it was originally ordered and paid for by the Pro-Corridor special interest groups until taxpayer money was later included forcing us to contribute to our own demise! The Mayors know full well that this study is not a matter of "if" they will build, but "when" and "where" they will build!  Their letter is assuming our stupidity and is an insult to our intelligence!

Wait?  Did the Pro-Corridor special interest groups "wait" before they had our private property surveyed without our permission and without informing us that the ramifications of that survey might mean losing our property?  No!  Had they been upfront from the very beginning it would have allowed us the opportunity to shut this down BEFORE money was spent on studies.  Sadly, we've all learned over the years that we cannot expect that kind of integrity.

Mayors, your refusal to publicly take a stand after this length of time tells us that you will NOT be giving these communities what they want; you will be giving them what you and the special interests want them to HAVE!

It is arrogant and contrary to God's laws to assume the powerful few know what's best and can make life altering decisions for the rest of us as if we are disposable.  Yet for some reason the power-players think they can con God into thinking they are not putting profit over people.

To the Mayors and everyone else who hasn't had the backbone to publicly pick a side and stand for something, "Get Off The Fence"!  Satan Owns It And God Hates It!  (Rev. 3:16).

—Patricia Crain

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