Mangans lead way against Pike Central

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Heritage Hills had no team score against Pike Central Monday, but junior Grace Mangan led the way with a 57.


SANTA CLAUS — By her own estimation, Sarah Mangan didn’t have her best evening of golf on Monday.

The Heritage Hills senior came into her second match aiming for a score in the 50s, but she wound up with a 62. The Patriots didn’t have enough players to qualify as a team, but junior sister Grace Mangan led with a 57. The Chargers finished with 237 overall, and Sophie Carnahan was the medalist with a 51.

Sarah said she had a few good shots, but also matched those with a few

strokes that were a little off the mark. It was just one of those matches where she couldn’t get the consistency she was hoping for.

“It definitely wasn’t what I wanted,” she said. “But I definitely still have time to work on things. I’m hoping to improve soon.”

But that doesn’t mean it was all bad at Christmas Lake Golf Course. Sarah liked the

way she started off the tee. Now it’s just her short game that needs to catch up to her driver.

“I’m hitting my driver pretty well,” said Mangan. “Most of my irons aren’t doing very well.”

Patriots coach Dave Jochim said everyone had one of those outings that was a mixture of good and bad shots. In Mangan’s case, Jochim noted she needs to focus more on hitting the ball for distance instead of height.

“She’s really got to start hitting down on the ball,” he said. “She wants to lift it. Her chipping and putting have actually improved from last year.”

Sarah knows there’s still a lot of holes to shoot for this fall and is eager to shore up her short game. She got some good takeaways from Monday that she can work on before the Pats’ next match against Crawford County on Wednesday. And she’ll keep having fun as she works to straighten her shots and keep on the fairway.

“I need to work on aiming and putting,” she said. “I’ll probably do a bunch of drills with that. It’s always fun. The girls I play with are always nice, and I love being with my team.”


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