Mangan sisters to represent Patriots in golf

Kaiti Sullivan/The Herald
Heritage Hills junior Grace Mangan broke out in a big way last year — qualifying for regionals as an individual.


Heritage Hills girls golf coach Dave Jochim is hoping he can put together a full team for the 2020 season.

All Jochim has now are two golfers. The Patriots graduated Katelyn Davis, Taylor Klem and Jayden Reyes, while Dalyah Threet moved. However, junior Grace Mangan and her senior sister, Sarah, provided a lot of quality on the golf course last year when they came out for the first time.

“They thought about it and thought about it and finally, I think with a little encouragement from some of the other girls, they came out — that way, we were sure to have a team,” Jochim said. “They blended right in and took off.”

It was difficult at first, but the Mangans stuck with it and showed improvement through the course of the season.

Grace broke out in a big way as the 2019 golf season went along. She tied for sixth place at the Pocket Athletic Conference meet,  shooting an 89. Grace also shot a 106 at the sectional to advance to regionals as an individual, and her regional score almost replicated her sectional score when she finished with a 109.

Jochim doesn’t think Grace will make it to state this year, but he does think a return to regionals can happen. He added that Sarah would have been right there with Grace apart from a bad hole at the sectional.

“She needs to work on her short game,” he said. “We always need to work on our short game, and just her overall game. She’s got a great mental attitude. She works hard at it — just like her sister. They both work hard at it.”

He doesn’t see a big difference between the two sisters. Jochim thinks what might distinguish Grace from Sarah at this point is that Grace is straighter when she connects on her swing, while the elder Mangan can wander in spite of making good contact.

Jochim thinks Sarah has it in her, she just needs to put it together, and she can get to regional, too.

“She’ll hit a good drive, then she’ll hit a couple bad shots, then she just gets down on herself a little bit,” Jochim said of Sarah.

He told The Herald last week that he hadn’t seen the two sisters play this summer, but he knows through contact with Grace that they have played. Jochim doesn’t need to harp on the two of them on what they need to work on because they know what they need to do if they want to get better. He’ll see where the two of them are when practice starts Friday, and go from there.

Jochim believes Grace and Sarah will both be ready when they start the season Aug. 5 at home against Boonville, but the only thing that will different is that Heritage Hills won’t have a team score for its first match of the season.

“They’re still going to go out and compete, and they’re still going to go out and do the best they can,” he said. “That’s what I expect of them, that’s what they expect of themselves, I’m sure. They don’t want to come in last. Hopefully Grace or Sarah will have a good round and maybe actually win a match. I don’t know that yet, but they’re capable, looking at our schedule.”

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