Man gets 1-year sentence for boy’s beating

By The Associated Press

WINCHESTER — An eastern Indiana man has received a one-year sentence for beating a 3-year-old boy with a belt after the youngster allegedly emptied his wallet.

A Randolph Circuit Court judge gave 22-year-old Jerrod Eli Graves a 3-year sentence with two years suspended for September’s beating that left the boy with welts and bruises.

Graves recently pleaded guilty to battery for using a belt to beat the boy. The youngster is the son a female acquaintance who was left in Graves’ care in Winchester, about 20 miles east of Muncie. He’ll serve his one-year sentence while participating in a work-release program.

The Star Press reports Graves told officers the boy had emptied the contents of his wallet. Graves told officers after the beating, “I bet he won’t do that again.”

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