Making The Best Of It

Photos by Daniel Vasta/The Herald
Adam Deckerd, 9, of Plainfield, pauses while playing to pose for a portrait in a flooded park at Patoka Lake in Celestine on Tuesday. Adam came to Patoka Lake on vacation with his family. "The flood was not a planned portion on the vacation," said Jeff Deckerd, Adam's uncle. However, as the children found a new use for the flooded park, Adam's mother Stefany Deckerd added, "That's what families do: make the best of it." 


Benjamin Deckerd, 8, of Plainfield, front, stretches between two benches while his cousin, Dakota Hayden, 11, of Monrovia, does a handstand.


Dakota Hayden, 11, of Monrovia, walks along the railing of a flooded patio.


Dakota Hayden, 11, of Monrovia, center, attempts to climb a tree with his cousin, Adam Deckerd, 9, of Plainfield, in a flooded park.


Dakota Hayden, 11, of Monrovia, left, plays with his cousin, Adam Deckerd, 9, of Plainfield, at Patoka Lake.

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