Make It Rein

Photos by Jacob Wiegand/The Herald
Cruz Stabile of Nashville, Tennessee, 4, got a close-up view of Cupid, a 9-year-old reindeer, during a live reindeer event Saturday at Santa’s Toys in Santa Claus. Stabile came to the event while visiting his grandmother, who lives in St. Meinrad, for Thanksgiving. Attendees had the opportunity to view and pet the reindeer. Shelby Coffey of Brookville tended to the animals and said the reindeer are two of the 10 from Whitetail Acres Tree Farm and Nursery in Brookville, a small town in Franklin County near the Indiana-Ohio border.


Kora Mae Haney of Owensboro, Kentucky, 3, attempted to entice Cupid, a 9-year-old reindeer, into coming closer to her during live reindeer event Saturday.


Ephram Hoesli of Santa Claus, 5, looked at reindeer during a live reindeer event Saturday.


Spectators watched and attempted to pet Cupid, a 9-year-old reindeer, during a live reindeer event Saturday.


Madeline Schaefer of Santa Claus, 8, waited for a reindeer to come closer during a live reindeer event Saturday.

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