Mac-A-Doo's/Out of Bounds to close after 22 years


JASPER — It looked like an ordinary Tuesday at Mac-A-Doos and Out of Bounds. Several patrons sat at the bar and tables, watching sports on TV and chatting, while Mac cooked in the back. A bartender wore a tie-dye Mardi Gras shirt that read “Let the Good Times Roll.”

At the corner of the bar, Jim Bounds shuffles through old black and white photos of the land where his restaurant stands today. He waves at customers coming in and occasionally looks up to talk with a man at the bar in between taking calls on the bar phone and his cell.

This will be the last week Bounds will spend as an owner.

After 22 years, Mac-A-Doo — not his birth name, but that’s what everyone calls him — and Bounds are calling it quits. Thursday will be their last day.

The two have been friends since they were both bartenders at Double R, the bar that stood before it became Mac-A-Doo’s and Out of Bounds. Or, as Bounds likes to put it, “Mac was a bartender, and I was just drinking.”

As co-workers, they wanted to open a place together for years but never had a space to do it. So when the building on Wernsing Road became available, they jumped at the opportunity.

A lot has changed over the years, Bounds said. Obstacles such as smoking laws and the pandemic have caused the business to struggle at times. But the people have stayed largely the same — Bounds said he’s seen a handful of the same familiar faces for decades and made friends out of customers along the way.

“We’re going to miss the people the most,” he said.

Although the pandemic has hurt Mac-A-Doo’s and Out of Bounds just like it has with most local restaurants, Bounds said he and Mac aren’t stepping down because of it. They just know it’s time.

Mac, who cooks in the back day in and day out, needs a knee replaced. Bounds had a stroke a few years ago and can’t get around without a walker.

Someone is leasing the place, Bounds said, but it’s hard to find someone to buy a local business during a pandemic. For now, he, Mac and the staff are focusing on Thursday, which Bounds said they expect to be a hectic night. A lot of people have said they’re planning on stopping in, and the restaurant is taking reservations for the night.

“It’s going to be nuts,” Bounds said.

It’s going to be strange not going into work anymore, Bounds said. He’ll probably find something part-time but doesn’t quite know what he’ll do with his free time.

Mac-A-Doo’s and Out of Bounds is all he and Mac have known for a long time.

“It’s been our life for 22 years,” Bounds said. “Kind of like being married.”

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