Lytton reflects on new record

Hadley Lytton


LINCOLN CITY — Hadley Lytton can call herself a record holder, and she’ll get at least two more games this season, plus all of next year, to add onto that.

The Heritage Hills junior entered Monday’s game at Mount Vernon with 99 career 3-pointers, which put her in a tie with 2018 graduate Kate Kaetzel for the most three pointers in the history of the girls basketball program.

She nailed a shot from downtown against the Wildcats to give her the new, all-time record. Lytton added on two more for good measure, giving her 102 in her career to this point.

“I didn’t know I was as close to the record as I was,” Lytton said. “I knew our assistant coach (Ray Kaetzel) mentioned it, but I didn’t know how close I was. So, I didn’t know until after the game, but it did feel good.”

Lytton has evolved in her range and as a shooter from her freshman year until now. She has honed her craft by practicing for basketball all year round and training each weekend at the Evansville Basketball Academy. Her trainer, Robby Jones, has had her shoot deeper shots instead of just standing behind the 3-point line.

She’s able to get more shots off now, but standing three or four feet behind the line was an adjustment that took some time.

“I was really frustrated at the beginning and frustrated with myself,” she said. “It took a long time, a couple months, to really get comfortable and have more confidence in shooting that far.”

Patriots coach Kim Brown attributes Lytton’s record-setting shooting to derive from the hard work she has put in, and noted the strides Lytton has made.

“Coming in a freshman, she was known more about her ball handling ability, but Hadley worked a lot on her offensive game, and her shot has improved consistently over time,” Brown said. “The more she works, the deeper she’s able to shoot the ball, and that makes her open a lot more.”

Photo by Corey Stolzenbach/The Herald
Heritage Hills junior Hadley Lytton (23) set a new girls basketball record at Heritage Hills for most 3-pointers in a career on Monday at Mount Vernon. Lytton is at 102 and counting.

Brown said she doesn’t keep track of specific plays in her head, so she couldn’t pinpoint which of Lytton’s 102 triples in her career have been the biggest. She added that a coach doesn’t always think of a 3-pointer as a great shot with the game on the line, but Lytton usually has a great shot when she’s open for a three.

“She’s kept us in a lot of games with the three, and she’s taken over some games with the three,” she said.

Lytton is able to get open and get good looks by reading the defense and the places where they’ll be and won’t be. Much of it also stems where she needs to be when a kick out occurs — if she needs to slide or relocate.

“A lot of times, it’s just like relocating to different spots where I am open and they can see me and I’m available,” Lytton said.

Her first chance to improve on that record will come Thursday at home against Pocket Athletic Conference rival Princeton. Lytton’s main concern is keeping the task at hand that it’s a PAC game, but she noted she would put some shots up.

A win against the Tigers would put them at 16-4 in the regular season. The Pats will then have a few days before they got ready for a rematch Tuesday at Mount Vernon in their first sectional game.

“We’re just going to mainly on focus on working together and getting the small things done, so when it does come to sectional time, we’re not going to be worrying about those small things,” Lytton said.

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