Looking Back: 8/14

The games in Atlanta are over, but in Huntingburg, the games went on. Cord Petry, 10, showed his form on the playground balance beam under the watchful eye of, from left, Leslie Sullivan, 13, Raymond Petry, 8, and Cherokee Petry, 1. Herald file photo by Torsten Kjellstrand. Published Aug. 8, 1996.


65 Years Ago

Aug. 13, 1956

Ed Joice from the Indianapolis Safety District office of the Civil Aeronautics Administration came to Dubois County this morning at 10 o’clock and he and Ray Duncan, who operates the airport near Huntingburg, went to St. Anthony to investigate the crash of a light plane in which two Dubois County young men were fatally injured Sunday morning. Fatally hurt in the crash were the pilot, 23-year-old William J. Vogler of Little Kentucky, in the Jasper community and Maurice P. Wagner, 25, of St. Anthony. The plane crashed on the Ernest Kordes farm about a quarter of a mile from St. Anthony at 11:15 a.m. The two men, both Army veterans, were removed to the Stork Memorial Hospital in Huntingburg, where Mr. Wagner died at 12:10 and Mr. Vogler passed away at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon.

Aug. 14

Around 11:40 this morning the Jasper firemen were called to the Cottage Inn at Sixth and Newton when flames from an oven of a gas stove flared out the back of the store against a metal-covered wall. Fire Chief Roman Fuhs turned off the gas and no damage resulted. The oven had filled up with gas as the result of a leaky valve, and was ignited by one of the top burners. Mrs. Charles Hopewell, who with her husband operate the restaurant, was about to open the oven door to light the oven when the flames suddenly came out the back of the stove. She called the fire department and asked all customers to leave.

Aug. 15

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, representatives of a former member of the JHS faculty are suing three Louisville psychiatrists for a total of $286,000. The complaint was filed in the Jefferson County, Kentucky, Circuit Court on behalf of Mary Coriene Wilhelmus of Evansville, a former faculty member at JHS. The three psychiatrists are Dr. Arthur Kasey, Jr., Dr. Robert Lehman and Dr. Louis M. Foltz, all of Louisville. According to the complaint, Miss Wilhelmus was admitted to Our Lady of Peace Hospital last August for treatment and the defendants “negligently administered or caused to be administered to her insulin and electric shock treatment” and then “failed to take the necessary steps to relieve her of the effects.” The suit charges that she never regained consciousness and has been permanently disabled.

Aug. 16

The Rochester Bargain House is observing its 26th anniversary in business in Jasper, according to a full-page ad in today’s issue announcing an anniversary sale. The firm was started in Jasper in 1950 by David Newman and has been located at Fifth and Main streets for the past 26 years. About six years ago, Leonard Newman joined his father as a partner in the business. One clerk, Miss Loretta Schnaus, has been with the firm for the past 24 years.

Aug. 17

The extensive testing of Dubois County cattle for brucellosis during the past year and a half has paid off. Local officials, including the county auditor, county agricultural agent and Dr. J. H. Duke, the federal vet, who is stationed at Jasper, were informed this morning by the office of the state vet that Dubois County has been designated as a modified, certified brucellosis-free area for a period of three years beginning with June 25, 1956. County C. A. Nicholson said, however, that if breeding stock is sold to another farmer, a 30-day test report will have to accompany the sale. Dubois County vets have been working for the past year and a half with the federal vet on the anti-brucellosis project. County Agent Nicholson said after receiving the report this morning, “The brucellosis situation in our county is now all cleaned up.”

Aug. 18

Marvin L. Boeglin of Huntingburg has returned from Winona Lake, where he took a portrait photography course and was awarded a certificate of merit by the Winona School of Photography, an educational center which has been designated “the Post Graduate School of Photographers.” Many states and Canada were represented among the approximately 100 students. The entire course consisted of posing lighting, child photography, formal wedding portraiture, negative retouches, film processing and projection printing.

50 Years Ago

Aug. 16, 1971

Clark’s Sewing Center, which has been in business for almost five years at 710 Main St., Jasper, has announced it is offering a new service for anyone interested in sewing. The new service involves classes in sewing, with special emphasis on the rise of the new stretch fabrics. This requires a different technique than the more familiar materials. The instructor at the classes, which will be arranged by appointment, will be Mrs. Joyce Hill of Huntingburg. Ivan Clark, who opened the store in September 1966, is the area dealer for four lines of sewing machines. They include: Viking, made in Sweden; Singer, made in the U. S., and Bernina and Elna, both products of Switzerland.

Aug. 17

From Jerry Birge’s KEEPING SCORE column: Thursday will be “Jasper Day” at Ellis Park, the popular thoroughbred track near Evansville. Eight of the nine races will be sponsored by Jasper businesses and individuals, including the feature race, The Mayor Jack Newton Purse. Race sponsors are as follows: 1st Race, Cable TV-9 Purse, 2nd Race, The Welcome Inn Purse, 3rd Race- Jim’s Twin Front Restaurant Purse, 4th Race- Tewell’s Shoe Store Purse, 5th Race, New Cafe Bar Purse, 6th Race- Matt’s Tavern Purse, 7th Race- The Johnny Eckstein Memorial Purse, 8th Race- The Mayor Jack Newton Purse, 9th Race- The Jerry Birge Purse, The 10th Race sponsor is from Washington, Indiana.

Aug. 18

Relief from the wave of vandalism and roaming gangs of law breakers was promised to Huntingburg residents at a news conference called by Mayor Dale Helmerich on Tuesday afternoon. Helmerich, along with Police Chief Gene Sachs, said a strict enforcement of the 11 o’clock state curfew law will be carried out. A recent rash of break-ins resulted in the arrest of several youths and others are under surveillance, the press was told. The state curfew calls for all youths to be off the streets and alleys unless accompanied by a parent or court-appointed legal guardian, between the hours of 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. This also applies to those under 18 who are found trespassing on property of others or running through yards and gardens.

Aug. 19

A group of some 30 cyclists, members of the International Bicycle Touring Society arrives in Jasper Wednesday afternoon after a ride through Spencer County where Abraham Lincoln lived during his formative years from 14-21. The group spent the night at the Holiday Inn. Wednesday evening they were the guests of A. Wayne Place at a cocktail party and dinner at the Jasper Country Club. This morning they were guests at a breakfast at the Holiday Inn hosted by Jasper’s Mayor, Jack Newton. Governor Edgar Whitcomb, his wife, Pat, and three of their children, joined the group in Santa Claus Land Wednesday.

Aug. 20

Dave Buehler, general manager of Buehler’s IGA Foodliners Inc., today announced the opening of a new store in Loogootee. Buehler said the new store, purchased recently from Mike Lannan, has been remodeled and redecorated and new equipment installed. Wayne Moenkhaus, who has served as an assistant manager of Buehler’s store in Huntingburg, has been named manager of the Loogootee operation. The new store is the sixth in the Buehler IGA chain.

Aug. 21

Members of the 1971 Jasper Legion baseball team and their dates, along with the managing personnel and their wives, and the batboy, were guests at a steak dinner given last Friday at the local Legion club. Members of the Legion team pictured in this issue include: Jerry Alles (batboy), Dave Krieg, Bill Alles, Dave Bromm, Doug Prior, Jeff Hochgesang, Mark Hildebrand, Chick Alles (coach), Wif Hochgesang (coach), Tom Berger, Steve Uebelhor, Bob Alles, Mike Erny, Greg Berger, Steve Mehringer, and Urban “Nigg” Pfeffer (manager). Jim Wenzel was not present when the picture was taken.

25 Years Ago

Aug. 12, 1996

The standings show the Dubois County Dragons stuck in last place, but ask their recent Heartland League opponents if it’s indicative of the Dragons’ play and they’ll tell you it’s a lie. Why? Because the Dragons are currently the hottest team in the league. Dubois County edged the Lafayette Leopards 6-5 on Saturday and spanked the Anderson Lawmen 6-1 on Sunday to improve to 22-28 and pull within five games of the Lawmen.

Aug. 13

Some initial filming of “The Flood” is slated to take place in a matter of days. “It looks like the fun is about to start,” Huntingburg Mayor Gail Kemp said this morning. Out-of-state construction workers were erecting scaffolding around the Salem United Church of Christ today. A major plot element in the $50 million action movie apparently involved a supposed renovation of the tall brick church, according to Rev. John Van Victor at Salem. In addition to the scaffolding, Van Vactor said, movie makers have a tarp to place on the church roof painted to appear as if there is a hole there. Van Vactor said filming from a helicopter is scheduled to take place Friday. The footage might appear at the end of the movie, in scenes depicting the town after a great flood, Van Vactor said.

Aug. 14

Construction and equipment bids to remodel and expand the senior center appear to be within the town’s $556,000 budget for the project. The apparent low construction bid opened at Tuesday’s Ferdinand town council meeting was for $304,000 from Jasper’s Cave Inc. The town received three other construction bids ranging from $309,067 to $390,000. The town has $556,000 available for the project — $500,000 from an Indiana Department of Commerce grant and $56,000 from town funds.

Aug. 15

Brad Tassell lives for a laugh. The 30-year old has always made a living by doing stand-up comedy. “I’ve never had a job. Ever. And I’m really proud of that,” he says — and he’s serious. His only job other than stand-up was to flick the stage lights on for comedians as a rookie about 10 years ago. He lives in Santa Claus with his wife, Janet, but spends most of his time on the road, doing more than 300 shows a year. “For six years, I didn’t have an apartment. No car. Just a credit card that got me from hotel to hotel,” he remembers. Now, he entertains big-spenders in Vegas, even doing gigs as far away as Alaska.

Aug. 16

Actors Christian Slater and Minnie Driver stood dressed in work jeans and T-shirts atop a work platform framed by gaping holes in Salem Church’s roof today as “The Flood” filmed its first scenes in town. A heavy morning fog burned off at 10 a.m., allowing a helicopter to lift off from across the street. Movie makers had bolted a round ball the size of a lawn chair, called a Wescam unit, to the side of the chopper. Its camera lens swiveled as the helicopter hovered, remaining focused on Slater and Driver as they conversed. Brian Herr, whose St. Louis construction firm erected scaffolding for the church restoration filming, said the camera was honing in on a transponder unit hidden behind Slater in his tool bag.

Aug. 17

The Reds were recently the winners of the St. Mary’s Ireland Church League Softball Tourney. The team went through the double-elimination tourney undefeated. The Cardinals were runner-up. Members of the Reds were: Captain Kevin Keusch, Kurt Bleemel, Maury Bleemel, Brett Hanselman, Chris Himsel, Josh Himsel, Tim Keusch, Matt Mundy, Todd Ruckriegel, Roger Schwenk, Brent Seibert, Brian Seibert, Nick Sermersheim, Dean Vollmer and Scott Yarbrough.

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