Looking Back: 2/2

Photo courtesy of Huntingburg Public Library.
This photo was taken during the 1909 valentine dance of the Huntingburg Acirema Club. Pictured from left are, first row: Hildret Bamberger, Ed Landgrebe and Edwin Schwartz; second row: Neil Greenlaw, Lillian Fay, Jessie Thomas, Jessie Greenlaw, August Ginglebach and Edythe Katterjohn; third row: Albert Partenheimer, Martin Richard, Carl Koerner, Leslie Selby, Carl Schwartz, Bill Partenheimer, Till Kincehll and Fred Heich; and top row: Beatrice Schwartz, Grace Williams, John Eggers, Mabel Schmutzler, Mathilda Gingelbach, Mike Geiss, Dalla Pickhardt, Amanda Bamberger and Sam Partenheimer. “Acirema” is “America” spelled backward. (Photograph from “Images of America: Jasper and Huntingburg,” edited by Ron Flick and Jane Ammeson.)

65 Years Ago
Feb. 2, 1948

An appeal to the children of the Dubois County schools to help build the funds of the Dubois County Infantile Paralysis Chapter has been issued by the committee in charge of the 1948 March of Dimes. The committee has appealed to every teacher in the county to encourage each pupil to put at least one dime in the coin-card holder that has been furnished and to turn them in to the county superintendent by Feb. 12.

Following years of work and experimentation, Conrad Marks, fireman and millwright at Jasper Desk Co. for the past 26 years, has perfected a flue blowing device that is being hailed as a wonderful time saver to those who are using it. Mr. Marks has applied for a patent on his invention. Once the blower is installed, all one has to do to clean the boiler tubes is open a valve and slowly revolve a series of nozzles inside the boiler doors with the aid of two convenient chains that operate the mechanism.

With only three games remaining on their schedule, the Holland Dutchmen are well on their way to hanging up one of the best won-lost records in Dubois County this year. The Dutchmen, under the guidance of coach Lowell McGlothin for the first time, have won 13 of 17 games this season.

Feb. 3
One of the hottest potatoes ever handled by a Huntingburg city council was apparently disposed of Monday night when the council, by a vote of 4-1, passed an ordinance that will permit sale of liquor by the drink in that city. About 250 people, probably more than have ever attended a city council meeting at Huntingburg, were in the meeting hall to hear the question discussed pro and con.
The youth of Jasper and Huntingburg will get “on-the-job” training in the handling of civic affairs during the next eight days as Boy Scouts in both cities prepare to “take over” the reigns of municipal government in their respective communities. Huntingburg Scouts will take over Saturday from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening. In Jasper, the “new slate” will assume duties Thursday, Feb. 12, from 1 to 6 in the afternoon. Both dates fall in National Scout Week and will be part of the local observance of the event.

Feb. 4
The General Electric plant in Huntingburg, which has been shut down since Jan. 23, will resume operations Thursday. The approximately 400 people employed in the plant were idled when a gas shortage, resulting from the extremely cold weather, forced closing of the Tell City plant that supplies parts for the Huntingburg subsidiary of G E.

Feb. 5
On Monday, one of the portable chest X-ray units furnished by the Indiana Tuberculosis Association will go into operation on the north side of the Public Square in Jasper.  The portable unit will operate in Jasper on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and at Huntingburg on Thursday and Friday. A mobile unit will visit Dubois, Holland, Ferdinand and Birdseye on the first four days of the following week, and be at Huntingburg on the fifth day, Friday Feb. 20.

Feb. 6
Dubois County’s heaviest snow of the season fell Thursday afternoon. The snow began to fall around 1:30 and fell at the rate of almost an inch an hour for the next four hours. A slight fall continued until around 8 p.m., at which time a blanket of the beautiful but impractical stuff covered the countryside to a depth of 5 inches.

Feb. 7
Dr. Gilbert E. Metzger, president of Jasper on the Air Inc., has received a telegram from the Federal Communications Commission informing him that authority has been granted for the operators of the proposed radio station to operate with a test transmitter on 990 kilocycles. The test broadcasts will be made to determine the best location for a site for the station, which is to be between Jasper and Huntingburg. At least five sites will be tested.

Patsy McFadden of Huntingburg High School won first place in the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship contest in Dubois County.

50 Years Ago
Feb. 2, 1963

Fort Branch captured the Pocket Athletic Conference basketball championship Friday night by handing Dale’s Golden Aces their first conference loss, 45-43. Dale went into the game with a 6-0 league record while the Twigs were 5-0.

Players who will participate in the independent all-star basketball game Sunday afternoon were named today. Doors to the Jasper High School gym will open at 12:30 p.m. with the preliminary game slated to start at 1 p.m. The Crossroads Olympians wheelchair basketball team will play in the feature attraction, slated to begin at 2:15 p.m. The Jasper Civitan Club is sponsoring the benefit game. The Green & White Team roster consists of Denny Cave, Kenny Cave, Ronald Vonderheide, Bill Petry, Ed Kapp, Leo Huls, Bill Skaggs, Fred Heath, Jerry Huls and Bill Weikert. The Black & Gold team roster consists of Don “Butch” Rees, Gary Schmitt, Alan Henke, Ronny Lottes, Gene Hochgesang, Max McCune, Larry Stamm, Larry Gillespie, Russell Jaent and Jack McCune.

Feb. 4
Musicians from 18 schools took part in 535 events at the District Solo and Ensemble Contest of the Indiana Music Association at Huntingburg on Saturday. Huntingburg topped all other schools from the region by taking 68 Division 1 ratings. Among the Huntingburg ensembles that placed in Division 1 was the clarinet quartet of Barbara Wilson, Peggy O’Neal, Becky Hemmerlein and Dennis Dougherty. Among the individuals who rated Division 1 was Sandra Waibel, who made a perfect score on her flute solo.

Feb. 5
The Dubois County Rural Youth group is installing seat belts for $4 each as a community service project. Seat belts can be ordered from Eugene Kieffner. Choices of color are red, green, gray and brown. An individual need not be a member of, or have any connections with, the Rural Youth to receive the offer.

Feb. 6
Jasper will become a battalion headquarters as a part of the recently approved plans for reorganization of the Indiana National Guard’s 38th Infantry Division. According to Spc. Herbert A. Miller, superintendent of the Jasper National Guard Armory, designation of Jasper as a battalion headquarters means that Combat Support Company will become the Headquarters Company of an infantry battalion. The battalion will be commanded by a lieutenant colonel. It will have a major executive officer and a major operations officer, two surgeons and captains for motor officers S1, S2 and S4, and a communications officer. One captain also will be assigned as an air officer.

Feb. 7
At the February meeting of the Dubois County Commissioners the voting precincts of the county were reviewed. Because of changes in the Jasper city boundaries and some council wards resulting from annexation of new territory to the City of Jasper, the boundaries of the four Jasper precincts were changed to coincide with the council wards as required by law. Additional action was taken regarding Harbison Township to make the two precincts in Harbison practically equal in size.

Feb. 8
Spindler Sheet Metal & Roofing Co. has moved its operation from the Spindler Building at Seventh and Bartley Streets to the Marcus Kuper warehouse in Sunset Terrace. The site of the new operation is one block west of the Army Reserve Armory. The current building had been used in recent years by the Jasper Corporation for storage purposes.

At a luncheon meeting held Tuesday noon in the cafeteria of Memorial Hospital in Jasper, plans were discussed for an extended health care program designed to mobilize the potential local resource of inactive nurses through an educational program and thereby provide continuity of patient care by extension of medical and nursing care to persons in their homes. The project will be especially helpful to the aged and the chronically ill. Under the proposed plan, The hospital administrator will have authority for the overall administration of the extended health care program. The home care program is to become another department of the hospital’s organizational structure, with Dr. A.L. Wagner of the hospital staff serving as chief in the same manner as other hospital services have a chief of staff to provide the medical supervision. One of the initial features of the project will be a period of planned orientation and special instruction in rehabilitation and geriatric nursing techniques. Special consultants in these areas will be utilized. The program will initially be offered to discharged hospital patients; as it develops, it will be extended to other patients.

25 Years Ago
Feb. 2, 1988

Neither design for a new jail passed muster with the county’s jail advisory committee Monday, so the architect said he will come back later this month with a third design. The two designs — one with cells on a single level in long cell blocks and one with cells on two levels in more open cell blocks — each had problems, committee members said.

Dubois County Commissioner Mary Lou Schnell is setting up a committee of local officials to look into building a county landfill. Letters were to go out Monday to town board members and county officials asking them to join the committee, Mrs. Schnell said.

Last weekend, the Jasper Optimist Club was named the top Optimist club in the Indiana South District for 1987. The district comprises 60 clubs south of and including Indianapolis. The Jasper organization won the top district award in 1985 and 1986 as well, at which time the district comprised all of Indiana.

Feb. 3
The Southridge Raiders girls basketball team, with a record of 18-0 for the season, has advanced to the sectional semifinals. The Raiders are rated 15th in the state in the final poll. They will meet Forest Park, 3-14, in the opening game of the sectional semifinals Thursday night.

Feb. 4
The upcoming visit of four Soviet citizens to Dubois County is eagerly being awaited by Huntingburg Mayor Connie Nass and Marilyn Drew of Jasper, among others. “We’re anxious for the Soviet citizens to come to the area so people in the county can meet them, talk with them and see that we’re the same instead of different,” Mrs. Drew says. Dr. Valery Ganichev, editor-in-chief of the Romain Gazetta, a monthly literary magazine; Elfim Gamsburg, a film director of animated cartoons, whom Mrs. Drew describes as the “Soviet Walt Disney”; Constantine Herbakov, editor-in-chief of Cinema Arts Magazine; and a professional translator will arrive at Jasper on Sunday. The group has been attending an American-Soviet summit in Washington, D. C.­, and was invited to visit this area by Dr. Dan Drew.

Feb. 5
With state legislation resurrected, renovation at three Dubois County elementary schools once again has  a chance to become legal. The legislation would allow building improvements at Dubois Elementary School, Celestine Elementary School and Ferdinand Grade School and help clear the way for the Jasper school district to buy and improve Tenth Street School. The legislation was prompted by a recent state decision that prevents school buildings from being improved unless they are owned free and clear. Legislation authored by Rep. Dennis Heeke, D-Dubois, would nullify the ruling from the State Board of Accounts and allow school districts to improve buildings bought under contracts that have reversion clauses. The affected schools all have such clauses in their sales contracts, specifying that the affected school buildings revert to the original owners if the properties are ever used for noneducational purposes.

Feb. 6
Sixteen teams, featuring 350 swimmers from Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, competed in the ninth annual Kimballfest, which was hosted by the Jasper Aquatic Wildcats Swimming team and sponsored by Kimball International at the Jasper High School pool Saturday and Sunday.

Feb. 8
A local employment official has erased his prediction for this year’s probable peak winter jobless rate for Dubois County and penciled in a higher figure. “I think it will go higher than I originally predicted ... as high as 6 percent,” Richard Zerkle, manager of the local office of the Indiana Department of Employment and Training Services, said on Friday. He earlier predicted a maximum rate of 5 percent. The rate now stands at 4.6 percent, unchanged from December.

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