Looking Back: 2/15

Early on Easter morning in 1914, a warehouse on Newton Street burned and all of its contents were destroyed. This photo was taken that morning from the west side of Newton Street. The building was not replaced and the lot was vacant until Joseph Gutzweiler build the Astra Theatre in 1936. (Photograph from “Pictures from the Past... Jasper, Indiana,” by Arthur C. Nordhoff)

Ӣ 65 Years Ago
Feb. 14, 1949
The governing body of Huntingburg on Saturday afternoon, made up of Boy Scouts from troops 181 and 183, took in a total of $152.44 in donations from pedestrians and drivers in the downtown area. Only a few arrests were made and the 50-cent fines were added to the coffers. The money received will be used for Scouting; it was equally divided between the two troops. The annual event in Huntingburg was part of National Boy Scout Week.

National Guard officials today announced that 73 more openings are yet to be filled in the Jasper Guard unit. After receiving federal recognition Wednesday, the regimental commander of Evansville lifted the temporary freeze on accepting new recruits, it was announced.

Feb. 15
The three-act Broadway comedy “George Washington Slept Here” will be presented Wednesday and Thursday nights in the Jasper High School auditorium by Little Theatre of Jasper. Rehearsals for the local company’s debut stage production have been in full swing. Major players include Jane Salb, Jack Newton, Carl Seng, Alva Earl Elliott, Jack Rumbach, Helen Marie Kreilein, Jerry Gutzweiler, Melba Miller and Bettie Egler.

Feb. 16
A total of 130 fine quilts will be among the needlework available to those who attend the two-day Holy Family Church bazaar over the coming weekend. This announcement was made by Mrs. Will Pfau, who is serving as general chairman of the event. The bazaar this year will be held in the Knights of Columbus Home, starting at 11 o’clock Sunday morning. The use of all three floors of the K. of C. Home on North Main Street will be donated to the two-day bazaar by the Jasper K. of C. council. The bazaar is being sponsored by the Jasper Circle, Daughters of Isabella.

Albert J. Wedeking, Dale banker and member of the Indiana State Highway Commission, Tuesday drew a thunderous round of applause when he climaxed a speech at the meeting of the Jasper Kiwanis Club by saying that it is his ambition to see that a new bridge across the Patoka River at Jasper will be the first major project OK’d by the commission for construction in southern Indiana.

Feb. 17
Allocation of basketball sectional tickets to the 11 schools participating in the Jasper tourney was announced today by Principal Claude Miller of the host high school, Jasper. Jasper’s allocation of tickets tops the list, numbering 647. Next in line is Petersburg with 455 and Huntingburg follows with 431. The smallest number of tickets goes to Stendal, 104. The ticket division, according to Principal Miller, was determined by the IHSAA Board of Control.

Feb. 18
In a letter received this morning by Louis Eckstein of Jasper from Albert J. Wedeking of Dale, a member of the Indiana State Highway Commission, the latter wrote: “I want you to be one of the first persons in Jasper to know that the Highway Commission yesterday unanimously authorized the immediate preparation of plans for the bridge in which you have such a great interest, not only for yourself, but for the citizens of your fine community.” The bridge to which he referred is a planned new bridge across the Patoka River at Jasper. To accommodate the new bridge and its approach from the south, the intersection of state roads 162 and 164 will be relocated about 300 feet to the south of where it now is.

The appointment of Herbert A. Miller as administrative assistant and first sergeant of the newly formed Jasper unit of the National Guard has been approved by the disbursing and property officer at Fort Benjamin Harrison. Sgt. Miller was appointed by the commanding officer of the Jasper National Guard unit, Lt. Tom Tucker.

Feb. 19, 1949
Coach Jim Beers’ Huntingburg Happy Hunters put the finishing touches on their best season since 1939 Friday night as they mauled the invading Red Devils from French Lick, 69-41. The Hunters dropped only two of their regular scheduled games this season; those losses were to New Albany and Tell City. Their other defeat came from Jeffersonville in the New Year’s Day tourney meet at Jeff. Their record stands at 17 wins in 20 starts.

Ӣ 50 Years Ago
Feb. 17, 1964
Cabby O’Neill, athletic director of Jasper High School, announced today the procedure to be followed in the sale of sectional basketball tickets. The sale is slated for Thursday and the price per ticket for both adults and nonadults is $2.50.

Feb. 18
Tretter Motor Co. of Huntingburg was awarded the contract for furnishing a new 1964 Ford 8-cylinder Custom Special police cruiser at a very busy session of the Huntingburg Common Council on Monday night. The motion of William Prather, seconded by Raymond Bartelt, received a unanimous vote to accept the lowest bid of Tretter Motor Co. of $948, no excise tax included. The price included the installation of the dome light and siren on the new car.

At Monday night’s meeting at Dubois High School of the trustees and advisory board members of Columbia, Hall, Harbison and Marion townships, two of the trustees, Anton Buechler of Hall Township and Albert Sander of Marion Township, said that since last week’s new releases regarding the proposed school reorganization plan, many citizens in their respective townships have said that they do not favor the plan. In both townships, the citizens had passed petitions against the proposed plan, and both trustees expressed the feeling that they are obligated to abide by the wishes of the citizens of their individual townships.

Feb. 19
John C. Friedman, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Friedman, R. 4, Jasper, received the highest award in Scouting, the Eagle Badge, during a district court of honor Tuesday evening at Holy Family School.

Sunday is Heart Sunday, on which day solicitations will be made for donations to the Heart Fund. Since overwork and nervous tension are contributing factors in the increasing incidence of heart disease, the Dubois County Heart Association, with tongue in cheek, gives 10 rules that are guaranteed to include you in the membership of the Coronary Club. They include: Your job comes first; personal considerations are second; and You believe it’s a poor policy to take all the vacation time allotted to you.

Feb. 20
Mr. and Mrs. Gail Kemp recently purchased the William Kemp Wallpaper and Paint Store at 316 Jackson St. in Huntingburg.

Fred Hollinden, of R. 5, Jasper, announced today that he will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the office of surveyor of Dubois County. He will be seeking his second term.

Feb. 21
A mobile chest X-ray unit will operate in Dubois County from March 2 through 25, it was announced today by Aurelia Jones, the executive secretary of the Dubois County Tuberculosis Association, which finances the visit of the unit to the county. Free chest X-rays will be taken at several locations in the county.

Two Dubois County men were arrested Thursday night on charges of transporting untaxed whiskey and are being held in the Vanderburgh County jail at Evansville. A teenage Washington, Ind., youth, arrested on a charge of operating the still that supplied the moonshine, is being questioned by police.
The Cass-Patoka Township Farm Bureau Pet ad Hobby Club met Feb. 11 at Augustana Church with eight members present. It was announced that a hobby show would be held next month. Each member is to bring either a collective or creative hobby. A talent show also will be held.

Feb. 22
If you scan the obituary notices appearing in the newspaper you will find that about half of them contain the familiar words “heart disease” or “stroke” as the cause of death, points out Mrs. John Eckstein, chairman of the Heart Fund drive in Dubois County on Sunday. Sunday is Heart Sunday, on which day more than a million and a half Americans are expected to solicit their neighbors for donations with which to continue the fight against heart disease, hardening of the arteries, inborn heart defects, rheumatic fever and many other diseases.

Ӣ 25 Years Ago
Feb. 13, 1989
As state police investigators, insurance investigators and state health department officials assessed the damage at Pine Ridge Elementary School today, carpet and rug cleaners, a reconditioning crew and the school’s staff were working to repair it. Classes at the school were canceled today because of “several thousands of dollars’ worth” of damage sustained in a Saturday morning fire. Police investigators suspect the fire was caused by arson.

To some it sounded like a semi-trailer truck hitting the concrete embankment of a nearby bridge. And the reverberations of the impact shook the ground. Others, who were spending a quiet Sunday afternoon watching television, say the easy chairs they were sitting in suddenly became rocking chairs for a few seconds. Whatever it was that caused eastern Dubois County to rumble and shake for about 10 seconds Sunday afternoon, county civil defense coordinators say there has been no verification that this was an earthquake.

The Southridge Raiders clinched the 1989 Gibson Southern girls basketball regional in a walk-away win against No. 11th-rated Evansville Central on Saturday.

Feb. 14
Hoping to resume classes at Pine Ridge Elementary School on Wednesday, teachers and volunteer parents were at the school today to turn the gymnasium into classrooms. Although the fire itself was contained in the classroom area Saturday, smoke spread throughout the school. Fire, smoke, heat and water caused at least $500,000 worth of damage throughout the building, according to Larry Bosell, stat fire marshal. “But I think that’s a little low,” he said of the estimate.

The Northeast Dubois Marching Jeeps will wear new uniforms next fall. The current blue-and-gray uniforms were bought in 1977. The new uniforms come with a 10-year warranty and a $22,050 bill, half of which the school board agreed to pay Monday.

Feb. 15
Jasper High School history teacher John Fierst has been named the outstanding history teacher of Indiana by the state chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Fierst, 60, is himself a JHS graduate and has been teaching at the school for 39 years.

Jeanne Bumm, 32, of Ferdinand, won the Sweetest Lips contest sponsored by the Jasper Downtown Merchants. Entrants were required to kiss an entry blank well enough to leave an imprint of their lips.

Feb. 16
Down almost 6 feet three months ago, water today was licking over the Huntingburg City Lake’s spillway.

Publicity is paramount for the committee pushing Huntingburg’s pilot curbside recycling program. Under the six-month pilot project, residents are asked to separate old newspapers and aluminum cans from the rest of their trash. These recyclables will be picked up by city employees the first and third Fridays of each month, starting April 7.

Feb. 17
Sister Mary Walter Goebel, prioress of Convent Immaculate Conception in Ferdinand, returned Monday from a 10-day visit to Coban, Guatemala. She and Sister Jane Michele McClure traveled to the Benedictine convent in Coban to witness Sister Herlinda Patzan take her final profession Feb. 10. Sr. Herlinda is the first native of Central America to take final vows in the Benedictine order.

Seven people died during riots over this book, but it’s getting a yawning reception in Dubois County. “The Satanic Verses,” over which English author Salman Rushdie has become “Wanted: Dead or Dead,” is available at Jasper Public Library. But Fischer Books and Gifts in Jasper has received no orders for the book, and no patron at Huntingburg Public Library has asked for it.

Feb. 18
Rev. Barry Fitzgerald, pastor of Huntingburg United Methodist Church, spent about three weeks in Ganta, Liberia, as part of Operation Classroom, an Indiana United Methodist movement that provides aid to secondary schools in Liberia. Tom Tretter, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tretter of Ferdinand, has been serving in the U.S. Peace Corps in Africa since June. He lives in Gabon and teaches mathematics in French.

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