Looking Back: 10/12

This photo of Eckert Mill on the Patoka River in Jasper was taken around the turn of the 20th century, by which time there was an addition on the west (right) side of the original mill and a brick chimney had replaced the metal smokestack. In the cooper shop to the right of the mill, barrels were made in which the milled flour was packed for shipment. The one-story structure over the dam was known as the floor-bay, which contained the waterwheel that operated the mill when the water was high enough for such purpose. When the water level was not sufficient, the mill was operated by a steam engine in the basement. The floor-bay and chimney were removed when milling was discontinued, but the balance of the site remained the same until the spring of 1964, when the entire structure was removed by the City of Jasper. (Photograph from “Pictures from the Past... Jasper, Indiana,” by Arthur C. Nordhoff)

Ӣ 65 Years Ago
Oct. 11, 1948
More than 100 adult and young leaders attended the three-day Boy Scout “Hoed-own” held last weekend at Camp Carnes, near Jasper Lake. The training program, which opened Friday evening and closed at noon Sunday, was held for leaders from Dubois, Spencer, Perry and Warrick counties.
William Carnes, Edmund Uebelhor, Arnold Eckerle and Sylvester Prechtel will serve on the first board of directors of the new Jasper Community Chest organization. There were a total of 15 incorporators of this new community fundraising program.

John Stemle returned to his home in Jasper on Sunday after taking a boat trip on the White, Wabash, Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi rivers. He embarked Aug. 1 on the White River at Haysville in his small hand-powered boat, The Lone Eagle, and figures he traversed about 500 miles of water.

Oct. 12
The Calumet Lake dance pavilion, which has been closed for the past several weeks, will reopen Saturday night under new management. The owner, Edward Lorey, has leased the popular night spot to Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Schaff, who for 12 years operated the Wagon Wheel at Schnellville.

The Jasper Knights of Columbus council presented a program over radio station WITZ today to commemorate Columbus Day. Talks were made by A.W. Flick, Faithful Navigator of the Jasper Fourth Degree Assembly, and Ambrose Eckert, Grand Knight of the local council. The Desk City Four, a local barbershop quartet, also appeared on the program.

Oct. 13
A new contract was signed this morning by officials of the Jasper Chair Co. and Local 331, Upholsterers International Union, AFL. The contract provides for a wage increase of 8 cents an hour throughout the plant. In compliance with a verbal agreement made with the union previously, the plant had been paying the 8-cent increase since Aug. 23.

Coach Jim Beers’ Huntingburg Hunters’ aerial attack was their strongest offensive weapon as they prepared for their game Friday night at Martinsville. In their first five games this season, the Hunters have amassed a total of 992 yards gained, more than half of them in the air. Twenty-two good passes have netted them 535 yards so far, while their ground attack has accounted for the remaining 457 yards. The Hunters’ pitching average is pretty good, too. Their 22 completions were made in 67 attempts, just short of a nice .333 percentage.

Oct. 14
Township Farm Bureau meetings will be held this evening at Jasper and Ireland, and another is scheduled to be held Friday at Cuzco. These meetings will complete the series of five scheduled for Dubois County this week. Previous meetings had been held in the Holland American Legion Hall on Tuesday evening for the Cass and Patoka Township members, and in the Palm Gardens at Bretzville Wednesday night for the Ferdinand and Jackson Township groups. The meeting at the courthouse in Jasper this evening is for the Farm Bureau members of Bainbridge Township. The meeting for the Madison Township group will be held this evening in the Ireland High School building. The last meeting of the series will be held in the Cuzco High School building Friday evening for the Columbia Township members. Highlights of the programs are a film, “The Farm Bureau at Work,” and a talk by Curt Vandiveer of Spencer County, a district field man for the Indiana Farm Bureau Federation.

Oct. 15
Showing at the Victory Theatre in Huntingburg today and Saturday is “Phantom Valley,” starring Charles Starrett and Smiley Burnette, and starting Sunday will be Roy Del Ruth’s “The Babe Ruth Story,” starring William Bendix, Claire Trevor and Charles Bickford. Showing at the Astra Theatre in Jasper is “Beyond Glory,” starring Alan Ladd and Donna Reed, and at the Tivoli Theatre in Jasper will be “King of the Gamblers,” starring Janet Martin, William Wright and Thurston Hall.

Competition for starting positions is proving keen as the Jasper Wildcat basketball candidates continue their claw-sharpening processes preparatory to the grand opening of the new season Nov. 12. Intensive work is marking practice sessions as coach Leo C. “Cabby” O’Neill prepares to step out before the critical Hoosier basketball public with his 10th edition of the Wildcats.

Oct. 16
The Indiana Employment Security Division has announced the reopening of their itinerant office at Jasper.  Representatives of the employment and claims sections will be at the courthouse Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and on the first and third Wednesdays of each month thereafter. Any employers seeking applicants for work may contact the representatives during the listed hours. Any individual may file his application for work or unemployment compensation claim by contacting the representatives at Jasper.

The Girl Scouts of Jasper Troop 12 will celebrate their third anniversary Sunday by presenting a program over radio station WITZ, starting at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The principal speakers will be Carol Reising, Kathleen Beckman, Ann Savage and Mary Rowekamp. The whole troop will take part in singing several songs to be broadcast over the local station.

Ӣ50 Years Ago
Oct. 14, 1963
Exactly half of the 14 bands that took part Saturday afternoon in the Indiana School Music Association marching and twirling contest at Jasper’s Alumni Stadium placed in Division I. Winning firsts were the bands of Jasper, Elnora, Castle, Fort Branch, Scottsburg, Salem and Tell City. Rating Division II honors were the bands from Carlisle, Orleans, Washington Catholic, Huntingburg, Paoli, Jeffersonville and Mount Vernon. During the morning the twirling contests were held in the high school gym and auditorium.

Oct. 15
The Uptown Store at 14th and Main streets in Jasper has added a sailboat sales and service department. The franchise of several leading boat manufacturers has been obtained and a wide range of craft from 8 feet to 25 feet  will be available.

At a special meeting of the Jasper Common Council on Monday it was decided that Jasper will return to Central Standard Time on the last Sunday in October. “Slow time” will be in effect again as of 2 a.m. Oct. 27. Jasper has been on “fast time” since the end of April.

Oct. 16
The Hubert Goeppfrich Contracting Co. of Dale is adding brick veneer on three sides of the Huntingburg Post Office building to match the front, which was bricked when it was built. The brick covering is being added because the tile did not prove to be satisfactory and to enhance the building’s appearance. Other repairs are being made, including an enlargement of the roof at the loading platform. Norman Bretz of Huntingburg is overseeing the job and acting for the late Mr. and Mrs. Ed Landgrebe’s daughters, current owners of the building.

Oct. 17
As the result of a recent raid by two state police troopers on a youth gathering at one of the conservation club shelterhouses in Dubois County, Prosecuting Attorney Roger W. Brown has warned that conservation clubs and other groups that permit parties at which beer or liquor is served to minors are in danger of having their charters or permits revoked.

Almost 200 residents of an area in Crawford, Dubois and Orange counties that would be partly flooded by the waters of the proposed 8,500-acre water impoundment on the Patoka River met Tuesday night at Patoka Township School near Birdseye and heard strong protests against the project from officers of the Upper Patoka Valley Improvement Association. The proposed dam would be built at Ellsworth, 10 miles upriver from Jasper.

Oct. 18
With five players scoring touchdowns and Jasper successfully booting its first field goal in the history of Jasper High School football, the Wildcats romped to a 37-6 victory over Princeton Thursday night on the losers’ field. The victory hiked coach Jerry Brewer’s Wildcats’ season record to 5-3 overall and 5-1 in conference play.

At Thursday night’s meeting of the Huntingburg Utility Board a motion was passed granting the bookkeeping department of the utilities permission to purchase a new Burroughs machine to facilitate the handling of billing problems and compute the new sales tax.

Oct. 19
In an appeal for support for the second phase of the Cohere campaign to build a four-year college, Jasper Mayor Francis “Benny” Sermersheim today called on all citizens of the area to “put a shoulder to the wheel and make this program a success.”

The Indiana state sales tax will soon be in effect and several businessmen and customers have many unanswered questions concerning it. The Jasper Chamber of Commerce has received information that will be of benefit to Jasper businessmen. Area sales tax clinics will be held next week.
Runners from 24 schools competed in the annual IHSAA cross country sectional at the Dubois County Country Club golf course Friday afternoon.

Ӣ 25 Years Ago
Oct. 10, 1988
St. Joseph’s Hospital in Huntingburg is being sold to a group of area residents for $1.25 million, the religious order now running it announced Saturday. A news release says the Sisters of St. Benedict will give the group of residents and members of St. Joseph’s governing board that calls itself Southwest Regional Health Center 10 years to pay. These investors are paying a one-time membership fee of $1,000, giving them a financial interest in the hospital’s operations. Since the group is seeking not-for-profit status, members would not earn dividends on any profit but also would not lose more than their $1,000 if the operation ever were to fail. This group is expected to control the hospital by the end of the year.

Oct. 11
The candidates for state lieutenant governor discussed issues as diverse as tourism and drug abuse at the Heritage Inn in Jasper on Monday. Their debate was part of the Jasper Chamber of Commerce’s 35th annual dinner meeting. Frank O’Bannon is the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, and Stephen Goldsmith is the Republican candidate.

The City of Jasper will purchase land on the north end of town for a third fire station. The 89-by-200-foot parcel at 35th and Villa streets will be purchased for $30,000, but a station will not be built for a few years until the city can save money for the project, Fire Chief Ed Eckert said this morning.

Oct. 12
Kimball shareholders were given a tour of the company’s recently completed corporate showroom after the annual shareholders’ meeting Tuesday. The tour began at a mural that depicts the emergence of Kimball products. Hundreds of products are displayed in the 33,700-square-foot showroom.

Oct. 13
Three longtime volunteer firefighters planning to hang up their helmets next year will receive $150 a month in retirement benefits. The city council unanimously adopted a pension plan Wednesday for retiring firefighters with a long history of service. Firefighters putting in at least 20 years of continuous service on Jasper’s all-volunteer department will be eligible for a pension after age 55. They will draw an amount from $50 to $150 a month, depending on length of service, for as many years as they served on the department.

The Jasper City Council approved new electric rates Wednesday that call for an overall increase of about 3 percent. The proposed rates — intended to align electric bills with the actual cost of providing electricity — will be submitted to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for approval.

Oct. 14
An $8 million grant was awarded to the City of Jasper by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency for a new sewage-treatment plant.

Oct. 15
The White House Historical Association, established in 1961 for the preservation and restoration of White House historical treasures, has selected desks from Jasper Cabinet Co. for its newly renovated offices. The desks are from Jasper’s new Mahogany Professional Office Collection. The historical association, located directly across from the White House, is due to reopen late this month and will feature a store for the public on the first floor and offices for the agency above.

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