Local runners grateful for Boston experience

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Several area runners, including Bob Stratton, left, Tara Eckman, Dave Fuhs, Audrey Brames and Kyle Brames, represented Dubois County in Monday's Boston Marathon.


The 123rd running of the Boston Marathon had plenty of Dubois County flavor Monday.

Several runners from the area competed — Adam Gilbert of Celestine; and Kyle and Audrey Brames, Kade Vogler, Tara Eckman, Bob Stratton and Dave Fuhs, all of Jasper. There were also a few runners from Santa Claus, including Erika Buse and Kathy Flannagan.

Some runners clocked very impressive times — Gilbert finished with a 2:36.10, while Vogler’s official time was a 2:57.59.

But no matter what the final time read on the stopwatch when they crossed the finish line, many were just grateful for the experience.

“It was definitely a tough course, but overall, we’re just so humbled to be here and be a part of this amazing race,” said Audrey Brames, whose time was 3:51:12. “It was a good day.”

Kyle Brames, who finished at 3:56:30, added: “There’s just a ton of tradition, and that’s what you see right away when you get here. It was just awesome.”

Forecasters had plenty of rain predicted for Monday’s race, and while it did rain, most of it either happened prior to the marathon or immediately after the finish.

“It rained at the start, but then once I got to about Mile 6 or 8, the sun came out and it actually got pretty hot for a while,” Audrey said. “And then, of course, right after I crossed the finish line it started raining again. But the crowd was amazing — people were just cheering you on. They definitely know how to bring a crowd, that’s for sure.”

Photo provided
Dr. Kathy Flannagan of Santa Claus poses with her medal following the race Monday.

The Boston Marathon course has been known to be treacherous and cause problems for even the most experienced of runners.

Kyle, who was running in his first-ever Boston Marathon, said he learned some lessons rather quickly.

“The mistake I made was that I went too fast, too early and runners will understand that,” Kyle said. “I paid for it dearly the final 18 miles. Sometimes you have a bad day — physically, I was happy to have it over, but it was still a pretty awesome moment. We were blessed to be able to do that, enduring a little pain for a couple of hours is nothing at the end of the day.”

The Brameses spent the entire weekend in Boston prior to the race doing some adventuring and relaxing before the big day on Monday.

They explored the Expo (where runners pick up your bib number, packet, etc.), which had tons of vendor booths set up filled with running gear and other outdoor supplies. They also went to a Boston Red Sox baseball game and explored the city. Bob Stratton went to the first game of the Indiana Pacers-Boston Celtics NBA playoff series while in town the day before the big race.

With the Boston Marathon complete, now comes the big question — what’s next for these local runners?

“It’s too early to ask, that would be the honest answer,” Kyle said with a laugh. “I always say you have to let the pain subside so you can forget about that and then move on to planning the next thing.”

For Audrey? She hopes to see herself back at Boston someday.

“I feel I need a little redemption, so I’d definitely like to come back someday,” Audrey said. “I definitely learned a lot today.”

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