Local media important to our communities

To the editor:

I would like to recognize some really dedicated people. Regardless if you are a member of a church, club, organization, community, and the like, I feel you are probably as grateful as I am. I’m referring to our local media.

I do not want to mention them by name for fear I will leave some out, but I am sure you know them. If you want to know what’s going on in your own backyard, all you have to do is read your local newspaper, listen to your local radio station, watch your local TV station. They have it covered.

Do we take them for granted when we want them to publish some information for us “for free” about our fundraisers, church or club and community happenings? How about when our sons and daughters are featured in the sports pages, society and news columns and broadcasts? We “expect” them to get that attention. Or maybe information about who received a scholarship or who is offering them. We don’t check the major networks for this information.

All of our media are businesses and sell advertising to keep the presses rolling and the air waves humming with the news and our favorite audio and video. This is fair and necessary. Each of the people involved with the media, whether in ownership, management or other capacity, live right here, work right here, go to church, support our clubs, communities and celebrations just as we do.

I  was recently involved with a community celebration and you just can’t believe how much information was provided to the readers, listeners and viewers for us. No charge. All we did was ask. And yes, I was a member of the media for many years and I know most of the media members. And you do, too. Let’s remember to support our local media as they support us. I would add that we also have some strong social media folks, but I’m not familiar enough to comment on that.

—Bob Boyles

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