Lindauer, Lannan contend to represent district


A recently appointed Republican and a newcomer Democrat are both vying for the District 63 seat in the Indiana House of Representatives. District 63 includes portions of Daviess, Dubois, Pike and Martin counties.


Having been in the Indiana House of Representatives for only a year, Republican incumbent Shane Lindauer said his attitude of service led him to run for another term in the District 63 spot.

The Jasper man was appointed to the position in October 2017 following the resignation of now U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun last year.

“I enjoyed the opportunity when I was able to take over for Mike Braun and to have the opportunity to serve one session,” Lindauer said. “I enjoy the opportunity to serve the people of our district.”

If elected, he’d like to find ways to incentivize people to join the state’s volunteer fire departments. Seventy-five percent of the state’s fire support comes from volunteers. Lindauer said the story is the same with three volunteer fire departments he’s spoken with in District 63: They’re having trouble getting volunteers.

He sponsored a bill in 2017 that increased tax deductions for veterans services and said he’d also like to continue to look into ways to draw veterans to the state of Indiana.

During his time as the District 63 representative, Lindauer said he’s learned that the majority of changes that come from the statehouse are minor fixes — tweaks to codes, small modifications to bills that were recently passed and had unintended consequences, and other, small variations.

“When I approach legislation, I look at does it do what government was instituted to do,” Lindauer said. “I believe that government was primarily instituted to protect life, liberty and property. And so, any piece of legislation that comes before me, I filter it through those three filters, so to speak.”

He is a proponent of small government and limited government that “allows personal responsibility and personal freedom.”

“I think that’s what people in our communities are about,” he said.

Lindauer served as a member of the Dubois County Council from 2010 to 2014.

Lindauer’s Democrat challenger, Joe Lannan of Loogootee, is a farmer by trade. He’s also worked as a public school teacher.

“When I looked at the state legislature, I didn’t see too many people that looked like my farming and teaching neighbors, and I really wanted to run to give folks like us a voice,” he said.

Running for the District 63 position was something he’s thought about off and on for the past few years. With Braun moving to challenge Joe Donnelly in the U.S. Senate race, Lannan thought this would be as good a time as any “for a new face with some fresh perspectives to step up,” he said. He beat out Dennis Tedrow in the May primary election to earn his spot on the general election ticket.

Lannan said he doesn’t have an agenda and doesn’t want to accomplish just one or two things, but he does have goals if he were to be elected. His background in education lit the fire for his campaign, and he’d like to see “local K-12 education better meet the needs of kids in our surrounding counties, and less so for the state as a whole.”

In a nutshell, he’d like to see more local influence afforded to regional school districts. He’d also like to promote small businesses and the overall quality of life in the area by enhancing infrastructure such as roads, cellphone coverage and high speed internet access.

Though not from Dubois County himself, Lannan said the county reaches far outside its lines when it comes to employment and commerce. He doesn’t have aspirations to run for an even higher office and he said he isn’t going to follow the speaker of the house or minority leader’s agenda.

“I’ve seen that happen for so long here at home, at the state level and at the national level,” Lannan said. “I think it’s time that the farmers, and the teachers and the line workers and the folks that live right here in Martin, Daviess, Pike and Dubois counties are the No. 1 interest of our representative.”


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