Lincoln Lessons

Photos by Brittney Lohmiller/The Herald
If Abraham Lincoln were still alive, he would’ve turned 209 years old on Monday. Ireland Elementary second graders celebrated the 16th president’s birthday with a trip to the Dubois County Museum to learn more about his life. Museum volunteer Sandy Miller talked to students about the log cabin Lincoln lived in growing up. Miller explained that young Lincoln slept upstairs in a loft and would sometimes wake up with snow on his blankets.


Museum volunteer Lynn Foy showed off her Lincoln socks while talking to a group of second-graders about the log cabin young Lincoln lived in. "Watch I can make Lincoln stretch," Foy said as she gave her sock a tug.


Foy had second-graders Jazmin Ramirez, left, Lauryn Truesdale, Kinley Hardin and Erin Verkamp felt a replica of what Lincoln's mattress would've felt like. "If Abraham Lincoln lived in a cabin with dirt floors and lived to become president, " Foy said. "I want you to ask yourself 'what can I become?'"


Miller showed the students the general store on Main Street in the museum and explained that Lincoln worked at a general store in New Salem, Ill., before becoming a lawyer and entering politics.

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