Limited government, free markets offer opportunity

To the editor:

Divided government is the government that governs best because it governs least of all.
Listening to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama, those who hold such sentiments are described as radicals, anarchists and hateful, extremist enemies of the common good. They believe the more government can decide how people, businesses and civil institutions must behave, the better for those who know what is best for the masses. When progressive control freaks see subjects rejecting big government and embracing liberty, their first instinct is to smell anarchy in the offing.

Like all oppressive masters of the last 5,000 years, contemporary progressives resent checks on their ability to rule. Progressives’ disdain for the American Constitution is a case in point. They lament the fact that this wondrous plan for preserving individual liberty limits what government can do.

These enemies of freedom believe the founding generation got it all wrong. They side with those who want a centralized government ruling compliant citizens. Elites, not individuals, they believe, should decide what is best for you and me. The idea of free people interacting in free markets looks like anarchy to them.

Are you a radical? Do you believe in parental control over the education of children? Do you believe you have a right to privacy consistent with the Fourth Amendment or have a Second Amendment right? Do you believe the central government should be limited and the role of the states and civil society expansive? Do you believe government should respect religious liberty by not intruding in church affairs and matters of conscience? If you hold such beliefs, the “politically correct” crowds in both parties view you as enemies of the collective good.

If you believe in the power of a middle class, free market unencumbered by central planners and crony capitalists, an economic solution that generates vast wealth and opportunities for all citizens, you are on the progressive elite’s bad guys list. This is how you are treated by these power-hungry politicians if you want a fair chance at earning a living and expect your rights as an American protected.

—Michael Lewinski

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