Limited-edition guitars stolen at truck stop

By The Associated Press

FORT WAYNE — An Indiana retailer of musical instruments is seeking the public’s help after a pallet of limited-edition guitars worth tens of thousands of dollars were stolen from a suburban Indianapolis truck stop.

Sweetwater Sound, which sells music instruments and audio equipment, said the pallet of new Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst guitars, valued at an estimated $95,000, were stolen Oct. 30 from a semitruck at the Flying J Travel Center in Whiteland, just south of Indianapolis.

The guitars were headed to Fort Wayne, where the company is headquartered, said Phil Rich, Sweetwater’s Chief Supply Chain and Merchandising Officer.

“Somehow, out of a truck full of guitars, this one pallet was singled out and stolen at a truck stop,” he said in a statement. "We feel this person/s knew exactly what to look for and when.”

Sweetwater is now hoping the guitarist community can help locate the instruments and find those responsible, WPTA-TV reported.

The serial numbers of the 13 stolen guitars are published, and the company is urging customers to ask third-party sellers for serial numbers before purchasing similar guitars to be sure they aren't being sold one that was stolen.

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