Lighting bolt strikes Ferdinand home

From Local Sources

FERDINAND — Strong lightning accompanying a storm cell sent units of the Ferdinand Volunteer Fire Department into action Tuesday evening.

Fire Chief John Hoppenjans said lightning struck Woodrow Major’s 301 E. Fifth St. house and smoke was reported coming from the attic at 6:49 p.m.

Upon arrival, firefighters did not find smoke but there was a burnt smell in the attic area, Hoppenjans said.

The department used a thermal imaging camera to check the interior and exterior of the house and ensure there were no hot spots.

Four trucks and 22 firefighters were on the scene for 20 minutes.

The Ferdinand Police Department and Memorial Hospital Emergency Medical Services assisted.

On Monday afternoon, the department responded to an alarm activation at the Red Roof Inn.

There was no fire associated with the 1:27 p.m. callout to the 440 S. Main St. hotel, according to Hoppenjans. Instead, he added, an air compressor’s electrical breaker was found to have tripped, causing air to bleed off the normally dry system. When the air pressure dropped, the alarm triggered.

The system was placed on test mode until a technician addressed the problem and the system recharged.

Four trucks and 11 firefighters were on the scene for 10 minutes.

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