Letter was a political attack meant to divide community

To the editor:

Don Hayes’ June 30 letter to The Herald is arguably “defamation per se,” accusing Mikayla Granados and me, past and future lawyers, of knowing, intentional, illegal conduct. But I write to rebut, not sue, Don Hayes.

The Herald reported that: Mikayla is a full-time, 4.0 GPA, pre-law major at St. Mary’s of the Woods; she was advised by Republican State Agencies her record did not disqualify her to run or serve; she believed the election law rendered her plea agreement appealable and the election law unconstitutional; and the drugs were prescriptions for her fiancé’s debilitating, neurological illness.

In fact, she has no prior convictions.

Don’s letter omits that he is the 8th District Republican Chair and he is not a lawyer. He violates his own standards that he taught me as my teacher and debate/speech coach: to use only accurate facts, always base your arguments on those facts, and never make it personal. He also misquotes the Attorney Oath, imagines criminal intent with no facts, and threatens future consequences.

The letter is a political attack calculated to divide the Democratic Party, the LatinX community, younger voters, and the entire community from their parts and each other. Such repulsive personal attacks suppress voters, candidates, and donors.

The letter violates our community norms recited to me often by local politicos like a mantra: “Everyone in both parties work together, and just want to do what’s best for the community.” The letter is Exhibit A against the mantra.

Exhibit B is Hayes did not call me or Mikayla and ask “Why?’ or “What” and obviously didn’t read the article. In contrast, Mikayla and I delayed our response to ask my former teacher, coach, and now colleague, by phone: “Why didn’t you call and ask me first?”

Exhibit C is he failed or refused to answer the question.

Mikayla and I believe in the ideal of our community’s norms and justice. We agree with Chad Lueken of the Jasper City Council: “Let the voters decide."

—Mike Kendall, Jasper
Chairperson, Dubois County Democratic Party

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