Letter to the Editor: Cats’ Milligan worthy of kudos

To the editor:

The article in The Herald on Steve Milligan (June 5) was truly memorable. What outstanding writing on Steve, who has given so much to our young athletes. He is truly inspirational in his dedication to help those he has touched and will continue to help in the future.

Steve has been through so much with his cancer, treatment, recovery and knee operations. There were days when he thought he just couldn’t do it anymore, but then by the grace of God, his fortitude and his will to help others, he simply could not give up.

His love is in helping others, especially his boys and girls in golf whom he calls his family. They all think of him as a father image, which inspires them to excel. Just think how many young people and friends he has touched, and he continues to be a true inspiration in their lives. Those persons who do not know him should strive to want to get to know him.

Steve, keep pushing. We need more people like you in this world. Continued success and happiness to you.

—Stanley A. Schnell

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