Letter: Bus 'assault’ was a shameful rush to judgment

To the editor:

What a shame.

A Southwest Dubois School Corp. bus driver now has a ruined reputation over nothing special.

The story made the Evansville media, with the driver’s name made public.

The incident was very clearly recorded from two different positions within the bus, according to the news story printed in The Herald on Tuesday. That recording included obscene language and hand signals directed at the bus operator by the riders.

The police, news media, school administrators and the parents and guardians of the offended children have all viewed the recorded evidence. After viewing the video, the adults declined to follow through with any charges.

From the story in The Herald (found here), it appears that no assault took place. Simply, a school bus operator was attempting to stop what could be considered bullying.

What did the school bus operator get in return?

Not one statement of support from the school administrators. Instead, the story focused on the steps following possible termination of the bus operator?

From those of us following this story, it appears this could be an example of a rush to judgment.

—David Qualkenbush

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