Let’s use the same approach to guns as we do to voter ID

To the editor:

I find Mike Gramelspacher Jr’s. letter to the editor (Sept. 11) insinuating that our fine local newspaper has taken an editorial position on voter suppression because of the voter ID cartoons somewhat humorous. (But on the other hand, isn’t humor the real purpose of a cartoon?) In today’s 24-hour news and information world, it is not difficult for one to become cynical because of all of the half-truths and misinformation that Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing extremist media put out every day. After a while it becomes very easy to suspect anyone or any news outlet to have a hidden position.

Here’s an idea. Since some of the registered voting minority feel that voter ID is so important to guard against voter fraud, why don’t we take this same position on gun owner identification and registration to perhaps guard against improper firearm ownership and use?

—Thomas R. Spangler

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