Let's stop the Mid-States Corridor

To the editor:

I listened in on Dubois County Strong’s latest Zoom meeting. Mark Schroeder, GAB, and Hank Menke, OFS, were guest speakers supporting the Mid-States Corridor.

Hank called 231 very dangerous.

I live near Holland. My grandchildren’s bus, full of children would have to cross this four lane highway twice each morning and afternoon. That’s 720 times a year! My family works in Ferdinand. To and from work, we will cross the road 520 times a year.

That is danger!

Hank says there will be sacrifice.

This road will split our county in half and crossing east to west will be a nightmare.

These two and politicians claim our county will die or become an island (whatever that means) without this road. Hank said by 2030, 231 traffic would be gridlocked from Sunset Drive in Huntingburg to 31st Street in Jasper without this road. How do we die as a community but have total gridlock on our roads? This makes absolutely no sense.

Do you realize if farm ground gets land locked farmers have to have right of way to their fields? That means YOU may have to let them go through YOUR land to get to theirs. It is my understanding that the farmer is responsible for the roads getting to their land. This could be miles and be very expensive. Is this what they mean by “sacrifice?"

This road could destroy hundreds of homes. Where do these people go? We already have a housing shortage. This would add to the housing crisis and cause home costs to skyrocket. The exception is those near the four lane highway. Their values will plummet. More “sacrifice?"

Please don’t think this is a farm problem. It will affect us all. Join us this Saturday at the Dubois County Court House from 10:00 to 12:00 for a rally against the Mid-States Corridor. The Governor and his challengers have been invited. We will have other guest speakers. The weather should be perfect. Bring your homemade signs. Shirts and yard signs will be available. See you there!

Let’s Stop The Mid-States Corridor!

Sheila Wendholt

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