Let's safely gather to honor flag, God on Flag Day

To the editor:

I first want to thank Cathy Meyer, Sara Kahle and Pastor David Darling. The article in The Herald (June 4) was so true, at this time especially, but always. We need prayer.

Your prayer meeting idea gave me a “God wink” — another idea to pay it forward.

This little saying is on my refrigerator door and I want to share it:

"Do your little bit of good where you are — it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world!" — Desmond Tutu

With this pandemic, we have to be careful and considerate for everyone’s safety. We are very much a social county. We love to gather together in support, to comfort and to have good fun. But right now - nope! But we all can do our little bit of good where we are!

Flag Day is on Sunday, June 14.

We are Dubois County strong and if we work together to honor our flag and lift up our hearts to God we can make it a special day.

Every town in Dubois County has churches with bells, ready to ring. And every church has a cemetary — big, wide open spaces where social distancing is possible. And we all have our own areas at home, maybe even with a flag pole or a flag on a bracket.

I can envision all of us saying the Pledge of Allegiance at 7 p.m. while the bells are ringing in our church towers. Then, prayers of your choice can follow.

Without unity as a nation, we are lost. Without faith in God, we are lost. But, with unity and faith in God we can be strong, yet humble and be better people for each other.

I can not partake. I am told that I am old and vulnerable and besides that, my walker doesn’t work on grass! But I can be where I am in my little back yard. I can do my little bit of good where I am.

Our flag is a grand old flag. Our triune God is omnipresent.

We owe both our honor and praise.

Let’s do it, Dubois County!

—Marlene Truesdale Greener

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