Let's require reliable energy sources

To the editor,

What do Germany, California and Texas all have in common? The answer is an overreliance on unreliable energy sources like wind and solar to power their grid.

Unreliable power has caused electric rates in Germany to double since 2000. Unreliable power created the need for rolling blackouts in California in the 2020 summer. Unreliable power caused Texas to have catastrophic consequences in February 2021.

Wind and solar energy are both forms of generation that may be added to the grid but reliable baseload energy sources like coal-fired generation cannot be retired. Instability arises when you try to force closure of reliable sources like coal and replace them with unreliable wind and solar.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a large push from many government officials at the federal, state and even local levels along with virtue signaling businesses do just that. When we see failure in our power grid, lives are lost as was the case in Texas. We can certainly avoid these electric catastrophes by requiring reliable energy sources like coal provide our baseload energy.

Learn more about how Indiana can ensure we do not mirror the same irresponsible energy policies as Texas, California and Germany by visiting www.reliabeenergyinc.org.

—Terry Marsh
Reliable Energy Inc.
Gibson County

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