Let’s keep capitalism

To the editor:

As I am looking at this election, we don’t have a choice if we want to keep our rights as they are today.

If you want your taxes to go up, vote for Joe Biden. If you want to lose your 401(k), vote for sleepy Joe. If you want to lose your religious freedoms, vote for Joe. If you are for abortion and the killing of innocent fetuses, vote for Joe Biden. If you want to defund our law enforcement officers so we can have an abundance of riots, vote for Joe. If you want socialism to demolish this country, and put our children and grandchildren in peril, please vote for sleepy Joe. Do you want our border wall removed? Do you want illegals crossing the border and getting free health care, funded from our tax dollars? Vote for slick Joe. Guess what, we don’t have enough hospital beds and hospital staff for our own people. Where is he coming from, man? Come on.

I guess he’s in his basement now. Probably be there if elected because Kamala Harris, Nancy, and A.O.C. will have Joe wrapped around their dirty, stinking fingers.

In my heart, I think capitalism and Donald Trump has grown this economy to what we have today, minus the virus.

Remember, you’re not voting for Democrats or Republicans. You’re voting for socialism or capitalism. Please, let’s keep capitalism.

Thank you.

—William Wissel

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