Let's do this

To the editor:

I choose freedom. What will you choose? Will you choose freedom, or the slavery being brought to us by the Progressive, Socialist Democratic Communist party?

If you choose freedom, we must fight back! The great one, Mark Levin, highly recommended we form patriotic local committees to tackle local, state and federal tyrants. In his book, "American Marxism," he lays out some strategies we can pursue to fight the various Marxist strategies.

Underlying these strategies is the boycott, divestment and sanction model. In the fight for good education, every member of the committee should attend school board meetings promoting patriotic curriculum, textbooks and teacher training. We also should lobby state officials and elected people. Mark recommends resources we can call upon: https://defendinged.org/k-12 and https://criticalrace.org/123.

In regards to taking on the woke corporations, he says, we must boycott and disinvest from, and sanction them. If some members have stock in those companies, attend their board meeting and challenge them to get back to Capitalism and abandon their social justice ways. Boycott them and encourage others to do so. Engage in patriotic commerce by buying products from their competitors: https://nationalcenter.org/programs/free-enterprise-project.

For the climate, extremist Mark has many ideas. The Progressive de-growth crowd wants to take away our property rights, liberty and way of life. They want us to abandon our prosperity and the freedom we traditionally embraced. This fight is essentially going to be a legal battle and action against politicians through FOIA requests and lobbying the politicians: https://spn.org and https://www.property-rts.org.

Mark says BLM and Antifa must be held accountable. He encourages us to support and assist local law enforcement. Help is available at https://www.policedefense.org, https:www.napo.org and https:fop.net.

We have to do this if we are going to have a free country left. I can start the organization of a local committee. My phone number is 812-678-2987. And my e-mail address is mlewinski779@gmai.com. Let's do this! with God's help and a few good people we will hand to our progeny a free and prosperous America.

—Michael J. Lewinski

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