Legislators shouldn't grant $300M increase to DCS

To the editor:

I am writing in opposition to the proposed $300 million dollar increase to the Indiana Department of Child Services agency.

This agency has violated the rights of Indiana families, by a court ruling. They have taken children from families on false allegations and some children have died or have been mistreated in the custody of DCS.

I know at least one county that will twist the facts to judges so they rule in favor of DCS.

I believe an investigation needs to happen from the families' perspective.

Throwing this money at a corrupt agency is wrong. It would reward evil behavior. DCS should be an agency that helps and educates families, not destroy them to justify their existence.

If the Indiana Legislators do give this increase to them, earmark it for family education and family reunification. Please stop allowing them to violate the constitution and parents' rights.

—Richard Evans

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