Learn the dangers of a coal-to-diesel plant

To the editor:

The elections are over and it’s time to step up and protect our beautiful southern Indiana from a future of toxic pollutants. If you have not been to a NoC2D meeting, consider going to get educated on the coal to diesel plant proposed for Dale. Do not keep ignoring it! Value our land, water and air. Make it better for our children and future generations.

At the last forum at Heritage Hills on Nov. 1, we heard from four speakers. Jerry Steckler was a new speaker and did a great job explaining the importance of raising good, healthy food on our area farms. He pointed out that there is a lot of interest from “city” people and local schools who visit farms to see how the animals and produce are raised as well as how he takes care of the land he farms.

People want healthy and safe foods. Our carbon footprint has to be addressed. We have access to wind and solar power as well as natural gas to help our area have clean energy. Conservationists and scientists have warned us of climate change and its effects. IDEM is not taking them seriously or we would be seeing monitors in Spencer and surrounding counties. Did you know IDEM and the EPA are basing their decisions on old data about what is safe? There are no ozone monitors in Dubois, Gibson, Pike, Crawford or Spencer counties! There is only one particulate monitor in Spencer County (in Dale).

IDEM has no health experts on staff. The Indiana State Department of Health says they have no authority over outdoor air quality and does not consider it in infant mortality when doctors and scientists say pollutants cause inflammation in our bodies.

We need monitoring systems in southern Indiana. Write to elected officials and demand IDEM and the EPA step up and do a better job at protecting us and future generations. Stand up for southern Indiana citizens’ right to a healthy life. Don’t close your eyes and ears and then say you don’t know anything about it.

—Mike and Mary Schriefer
Santa Claus

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